Sunday, 30 August 2009

under the bunny tree

its a little antique tool box full of knitting needles.

and the flutters above my desk

my favourite print of two tiny owl babies in the dark. its from 1860!

little bunnies in a nest.
wouldnt that be cute if
bunnies lived in nests?
you would see trees full of bunnies.... or bunny trees.

so these are the sights from my desk today
as i work on my pattern for the snake
sweater... its been a long time coming
and its almost ready. my goal is to
have the pattern finished and up
for sale on ravelry by 4 sept.
i picked that day because
its my best friends

oh here is the sweater.
i designed it a LOOONG time ago
but will finally have the pattern done
see the little snakes? ssssssssssssssss

Saturday, 29 August 2009

faux collar & the pale pink moon

sometimes foxes and cats wrap their tails around them.

i attached a magnet to this collar so i could do the same.

it "clicks" when it shuts and stays on just right ♥ yay!

so i have received such lovely awards!
from eliza from restless hearts
from E at screaming swans
from juliette from to the lake
and sweet claire eloise from little love
all of these girls are a daily inspiration to me
so im honored to be thought of by them!

sometimes when i get awards
i get nervous.. because i cant
say thanks enough.. or answer the questions right..
and then also i dont know who to tag because i am
afraid if i dont tag everyone i will hurt someones
feelings! ah! so sometimes a day or two goes by
before i decide to be brave. does anyone else
feel this way or is it just lil ol weirdo me?

i want to say to everyone that comments
that i truly appreciate all of the thoughtful
words that are given! i know that its a
moment you have given to make some
one else smile and there is such power
in that! **hearts and blessings to all of you!!**
i am ever so thankful for every word.

Friday, 28 August 2009

parseltongue snowbirds

here is a ribbon garter i made with a buckle from my dear friend suki.

i had to make little belt buckle holes in the ribbon
and i wasnt sure how to do that without it fraying.
then my friend hannah taught me to use the tip
of a lit incense stick! she is a wing-maker.
this also works with tights. see? ♥

Thursday, 27 August 2009

wanna see something funny?

oh yes. its me.

no im not joking. ♥

on tour "back in the day" so i can be excused? *blushing a little bit*
its funny to look back at these and see how much ive changed
inside and out.

and it was long and dark for a while too
ive been really wanting to
go dark again lately...
no i promise it wouldnt
look like pictures 1 -3!
more like the last one.
should i?

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

jellyfish are the ocean's ghosts

today i made a jellyfish ocean ghost mobile in my room.
im going to hang white butterflies and stars inside.

maybe it will look like the jellyfish ghost
swallowed white butterflies for dinner.
naughty naughty that jelly butterfly belly.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

i suspect nargles

"mistletoe," said luna dreamily, pointing
at a large clump of white berries
placed almost over harry's head.
he jumped out from under it.
"good thinking," said luna seriously.
"its often infested with nargles."

for some reason i do an insane
luna lovegood impersonation.
i do it constantly. and say most
phrases when im alone in my luna voice.
i think we are cut from the same curtains.

she is my
little hero.

Monday, 24 August 2009

the princess & the goblin

today i sat on a big blanket in my garden
and read the *princess & the goblin*...
the mourning doves and frogs
were watching me..
i dont know why
because i wasnt
doing anything
very much.

here is a skirt i made out of a 50's corset.
i cut it in half and sewed elastic to the
top so the little straps hang down.

im trying to be proud of myself
no matter if i get everything
i want to do done or not.
i have so much i want
to do.. i feel like im
drowning in it.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

we are going to narnia

so i took my recycled vintage fur collar (that was too long)

and sewed it all scrunched up so it looks more like a muffler.

plus scrunchy suede boots and a thrift store crochet dress.

now we are ready for the summer snow. right roo?

cant forget to take my favorite vivienne
westwood tee that is loved to bits.
to BITS. (sorry for posting twice
its rare if im not wearing it!)

bye :) ♥

Friday, 21 August 2009

i am doll parts

today i found a fairyland book at the notting hill trust.
when i got on the bus, the meter was broken and so
we all got to ride for free... i really really really
wanted to get everyone singing "free ride"
but this is england. and that was silly.
so i hummed it in my head and said
to the girl next to me "its freeeee!"
she totally didnt appreciate me
talking. so i read my book.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

kaspar twig PART 2

ok. so i showed the pictures of kaspar to simon
and got a long period of silence.

"dont you like him?" i asked.
"no." he said. "and what kind of a
baby has antlers, a russian bear hat,
and one black sock?"

"this one" i said. "and hes our SON!"

"how did you find him? he asked.
did you google 'dead baby with antlers,
large russian bear hat wearing one black sock?'
did you call up lots of shops and say
"yeesss.. um.. im looking for a baby..
it should be wearing a black russian
bear hat. i'd also like it to have
antlers.. and if possible.. one black
sock... whats that? no... just one."

"no. i found him on the internet.
will you help me name him?"

"no" he said. "i dont want to
encourage a collection of these things"

i guarantee he will wake up with
our son kaspar heronius twig
smack dab on his chest.

*deardodo* hes only teasing,
he loves it! :)

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

little kaspar is the new boy in the forest

his little antlers will bloom in the spring

he is timid... and he can talk to animals.

i ordered him today from *deardodo*
i cant wait til he gets here!

here is some of her other work... isnt she brilliant?

oh little kaspar come home quick
we have dust mice to play with,
frogs to catch during the day &
ghosts to catch during the night.

Monday, 17 August 2009

a little owl comes to visit

oh look on top of my dollhouse
a little owl stopped by to rest.
ill leave the light on for him.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

i am your swan

see how light? the air is a thousand of wings.
and i am a feather boat on an ocean of wishes.

Friday, 14 August 2009

foxglove & paper bears

this is a ruffly skirt i made with jacket lining and old lace.

today seemed a bit rocky.

like something was off.

like the ocean was rushing upon my little boat

or like paper bears were out to get me.

so i thought about foxglove groves

and paper bears sleeping in the flowers.

and i felt just a little bit better. a LITTLE.

my t-shirt is ancient from abercrombie.
it says "guilty" on it in copper beads.
i also cut the daylights out of it.
the fur collar is from a vintage
coat i think.. i found it at a
charity shop and put a
pink ribbon on.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

she eats ballerinas for breakfast

can you imagine a cereal with little ballerinas in it?
it would be strawberry flavoured and you could
crunch the pink tiaras, tutus and shoes.

yesterday on my way to ballerina
the tube got stuck right outside
kew gardens. as i sat in the
train car with 2 weird men
i wished i had something
to read or listen to.
i had nothing.
forgot my book
and my ipod ran out.

i got off at the next station
missed ballerina completely
and bought a pale pink copy of W
from a little indian man who told
me that the world doesnt smile
enough.. i agreed. and then
fell in love with this picture
of lara stone wearing a pink
chanel silk and organza cape.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

she arrived with only minor injuries

hey, whats this?

i could use some helps, as you can sees i has gots a heads cone on.

its the dress form ive been waiting for!

ok... its going to need some edward scissorhands assembly.

i think we're gonna need some mores helps.
oh laaaaamby... where arrrrre youuuuuuu?

here i ams

um..... cant... really... sees... with... this... ons... but...

i likes it.

cant leave her naked..
her right boob got a
little dented in the shipping
now i can make proper stuffs
shes not adjustable.. but
thats ok im not really either.