Thursday, 27 August 2009

wanna see something funny?

oh yes. its me.

no im not joking. ♥

on tour "back in the day" so i can be excused? *blushing a little bit*
its funny to look back at these and see how much ive changed
inside and out.

and it was long and dark for a while too
ive been really wanting to
go dark again lately...
no i promise it wouldnt
look like pictures 1 -3!
more like the last one.
should i?


sara said...

you look like a little pixie with that short hair!i can't choose!blonde or brunette both look wonderful!a brunette little forest fairy :) i'm biased of course!

a mouse said...

i look like a crazy pixie! ha ha ha
you ARE a forest fairy! ♥

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

You suit both. Go with what the inner self is desiring. xx

Raisa said...

Wow..You look so different.^^

i agree with Josephine.

good luck in choosing!

Hendrix said...

You look so cute in your little round sunglasses. :)

But I vote to stay with the blonde, or try a light golden brown.

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

your beautiful either way.

isn't it crazy what a few years does....i don't even know the girl that i was 2 years ago and i can't believe how much i have changed, like you said inside and out! it is a little embarrassing to look back at times but ill always cherish the memories of the road i took to get to now. :)

Isabelle said...

Thank you for your comment ! It made me giggle and smile ! :D

Wow; what a differance from the girl we see in your blog ! But such a wonderful contrast; this has made me quite happy, for an unknown reason !

I agree with..Hendrix.. I adore your blonde but maybe a nice light brown would be amazing also ! :)

From Isabelle xxx

joanne May said...

I like your dark hair but I like your blonde hair the best. How about honey blonde and add a bit of gold?
You can't change your hair just yet as I'm doing a fairy illustration based on you, with a white fairy rabbit/hare with blue eyes!:)

I will let you know when I have finished the painting!:)

a mouse said...

thanks everybody :)
its funny.. today im really embarrassed about
posting these.. i dont know why! it was a
looooooooooong time ago.
oh well! back to your regularly
scheduled programming! ♥

jo dear heart!
a fairy illustration based on me!?
im so honored!
oh oh oh oh im so excited!
thank you fairy!
xoxo ♥ xoxo

Anonymous said...

I always love to see how I change, how I evoled, the things I try on, the pounds I gain and loose...
I have had a diary since I was 9 (and now am 24) and I love to read how desperate I could be and how strong I am now, and how things eventually change for good or bad. This is just life, really, but it's nice.

Hair color is a real dilema!

I think your blonde hair fits perfectly with your white-fairy world, but then I am a brunette and I think that with light eyes and a pretty red lipsticked mouth liked yours, it'd suit you just fine!
Change is good sometimes! You decide, you make the surprise for us! (or not :P)

Loved the pics!

Sara said...

talk about transformation!

I think dark hair would be nice :)

joanne May said...

Mouse, I am so happy you are pleased about the painting it might even end up in my book or as a print. I'm hoping the image will be finished by the end of next month as I'm working on two paintings together at the moment!:)
You might like the artist John Fitzgerald the fairy painter.
Google some of his images and have a look, if you like. You remind me of some of his little Fays!
I have one of his pictures on my blog with a white fairy and a mouse!!:)
Anyway speak to you soon and have a lovely fairy weekend!

Jo May.xxxxx
As usual I have left you a little reply on my blog too.;)

Karolina said...

I love the blonde hair, you look very dreamy like that. I've been blonde for a long time, changed to red now but already know that in a few months I'll probably change it back again. But everyone likes something else right? choose something you'll feel most like yourself in :)

good luck

PinkBow said...

wow, you look so different!

a mouse said...

hi everybody :) thanks for your
help! i think im going to go
a "little" darker... but
not all the way. :)

not yet anyway
cause my hair
wont take the dye yet!
its too blonde
i just found out.

anji-jane said...

My hair used to be blonde but it got tired and soon I had to choose between 'long' or 'blonde'. I chose 'long'. Now I have raven black hair but I still miss the blonde. Hair colour is a tough decision for sure...!

a. said...

a crazy short haired pixie, right. no i think you look absolutally gorgeous with blonde hair.

sugar plum fairy said...

that long brown hair indeed looks very pretty on you! but..
i think the blondle *really*
suits you, your personality, and style. i also really like the wispy length it's at right now ♥
you little luna goodlove you! XO