Sunday, 16 August 2009

i am your swan

see how light? the air is a thousand of wings.
and i am a feather boat on an ocean of wishes.


Charlotte Drene said...

In reply to your comment...

What on earth are you talking about? You have a great nose! Like, if somebody were to ask me to draw a girls face on profile, or even face forward... I would draw the nose to look like yours.

a mouse said...

ah! nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
its hideous!! i promise!! i wish i had
mary kates nose.. i used to save my
money when i was little for a nose
job.. but my parents talked me
out of it.. and i never had the
guts again... i suppose it
looks ok from the front
but from the side it
causes physical
pain to look at!
thats why all my pictures are from the front!
ha ha ha ;)

a mouse said...

thanks .. thats really sweet :)
i used to get called big nose
and stuff like that.. maybe
ill just never ever be able
to shake that off!

Kitty said...

oh i love this!

anna pavlova?

Stacy said...

oh to be a ballerina and dance in the air ... lovely.

p.s. thank you SO much for the sweet comment :)

Lara said...

lovely sentiment, lovely photo. this reminds me to start my dvelve into ballet workout and stretch videos that i've been wanting to do for sometime now. :)

willawisp said...

Such a beautiful photo.. you really could float away in this dress :)

Anonymous said...

in response to your comment:
thank you for the book recommendation! i certainly am reading the heavy stuff, but i need to before i start my uni course in september, well hopefully depending on my results thursday :s

& i just wanted to say i adore your blog, like i seriously can't believe just how creative you are! it makes me want to make my own clothes! or at least customise them again!

Anonymous said...

beautiful words...
the picture of the ballerina is so beautiful, it makes me want to go to the ballet so bad or at least draw her.

E said...

so beautiful, the picture and your words :)

a mouse said...

thanks every ballerina heart!

@ kitty ~ thanks! yes indeed its her! :)
@ lara ~ you should break it out and DANCE :)

PinkBow said...

i love the ballerina themes... light, floaty and magical

maxine alice said...

i loveeee ballerinas. i went to ballet class not long ago but all of my friends dropped out and i was too nervous to go alone hehe xxxx

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

this captures such a beautiful feeling. i really love your blog. :)

a mouse said...

thanks pink boy and a thought is the blossom :)
@ maxine alice ~ ah! the same thing happened to me!
i had to force myself to go every week.. but ive
met some nice girls there now.. too bad you
dont live in london!! :)

lavelle said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, yours is too cute for words! I love it and am going to link you straight away xxx

a mouse said...

ah!!! sorry pink bow! i wrote pink boy! ahhhhhh
i didnt erase it cause its making my laugh.
ill never do it again i promise!!!!!!