Tuesday, 30 June 2009

curiouser and curiouser

these are some curious little things ive collected over the years.
they are behind glass which makes me sort of a little old lady.
but see there are lots of magics swirling around in there..
and i dont always want to let them run amok causing havoc.

Monday, 29 June 2009

crinoline daydreams

sometimes little birds have to take their ribbons
and go into the light... i will always miss them.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

tigers, dust & carolina

i walked to the store to get some peanut butter and
these pink fish-nets left blisters something awful.
im afriad its flip-flops to the airport tomorrow..
ive got to go to carolina for a spell.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

ill see your hermit and raise you 2 hermits

little roo doesnt know that yesterday
i could have met neil young backstage
at glastonbury with fleet foxes...but
instead i was playing video games.
and i think even if she did know,
she wouldnt judge me one bit.

she also doesnt know that i
have another chance to do
it tonight at hyde park..
but im firing up the PS3
and shooting zombies
instead. little roo
doesnt mind that
im sometimes a
crazy hermit.
she likes me
i think.

ps it gets worse:
once i got invited to bjorks
vip after tour-party... and
i went back to my hotel
room instead. should i
be on medication? :D

Friday, 26 June 2009

to twirl in the color of a lavender candy heart

today i was checking on our
frog pond and i found some
jasmine leaves dusting the
ground... with some spying
i found that our neighbor
has a jasmine bush and
it is trailing down the
back fence into our
garden! so! that
means i have a
jasmine tree
too! what a
nice thing!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

bunnies should be on stuff

*my first embroidery.. "a bunny is a friend"... true.*

*horses, ballerinas, & and fairy crowns in bottles...*

*a patient little fawn*

*i really must paint this wall. its horrid*

i think its important to have bunnies on top of stuff.
you never know when you will need to take one down and use it.
plus it gives cats things to ponder.

thanks everyone for your pick-me-up flowers
all sent because of my last whingy post!
i really really do do do feel much better!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

vivienne westwood super super old t-shirt

this is my outfit i wore to our snowbird show last night.
even though i never ever read reviews because they can
make you VERY VERY sad... i ACCIDENtally read online
somewhere where someone made all these judgements
about my personality on stage.. then "didnt want to
comment" on my songs.. (meaning. they are BAD)
i know i shouldnt be so sensitive.. but i swear
that is the hardest thing to read something
crappy about yourself randomly online...
especially right before a show!...
i know it wasnt the worst thing
anyone could say.. but still it
made me feel sooo bad. and
unfortunately i was an un-
wound peg on stage...
GRR its like.. i dont
care what people
think.. but when
they say something bad
its just so hard to shake.
it ruffles up my feathers
into a right awful mess.
but fuck em right? right?
deeeeeeeep breath.

plus.. its so easy to
just only remember
the bad things that
people say.. why is that?

so.. anyway.. about my outfit! ha ha ha
isnt that the most important thing anyway!??? :D
this is simons old vivienne westwood t-shirt that he got
at her shop when he was a little punk teen following the
sex pistols around... its totally fucked isnt it?!
when i wash it i have to be so gentle or the
thing will just fall into bits.. i cant retire it
though.. its too fun to wear.

also.. i found these cute little gloves.
i think the lady that owned them
must have changed a tire with
them on so i had to cut off
the fingers! they were
only a pound yay!

i feel much better now.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

heart face the owl

snowflake curtain, pale blue tutu, heart face the owl,
yes id love another, swan lake, litte white dresser in
the woods, we made it we should wear it, blythe can
forget-me-not, blythe loves deer, fairies in the trees,
yes, id love another, irish crochet, swan kiss, orlando,
ballerina rests for a spell and picnic at hanging rock.

links are in
the comments

Monday, 22 June 2009

coco's feathers

i have a white rubber duckie
i love him lots and lots.. or
maybe its a her.. anyway
my point is.. wouldnt it
be dreamy if someone
designed a rubber
duckie to look
like a swan?
id buy one.

this is karl lagerfeld's sketch
for the dying swan costume.
it was in the program and i
freed it from the pages.

can you imagine sketching something
and then being allowed to stamp
CHANEL at the top in bold?
just like.. no big deal.. i
just created this and
now its CHANEL.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

hail mary & the pez dispenser

our performance yesterday
was in the cathedral again...
we were the first band on
so when i got on stage i
looked out at the crowd
really serious-like and said:
"the lord be with you"
and they all just froze in terror.

then i said wouldnt it be funny if this was a trick? like
you saw the fliers and came to the chapel for a concert,
but it was really a church service? .. and now you have to stay!
especially you in front..
youd be totally stuck.
they looked so relieved
and laughed so nervously
that i mentioned some
thing about them all
possibly ending up
in hell but they
thought that
was funny

look at lambys face
its so squished up
and funny i love it.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

snowbird, swans & chanel

today we had a snowbird show in the afternoon.
i was nervous.
simon booked tickets for the ballets russes
down the street directly after the show so
i could have something to focus on after.
all the while i was singing
i was thinking of the fact
that in one hour i would
be in sadlers wells...
tutus and tip toes.

the costume for the dying swan
was designed by karl lagerfeld
for CHANEL... it was breathtaking
there are some pictures in the
program of his sketch.. and
also a photo in the london
paper last week..ill scan
and post them soon!
this picture is
from when she
danced for him
at the fitting.

Friday, 19 June 2009

chasing after deer

we live near a royal park that is filled to the top with deer.
the queen protects the deer... and they have been so
for hundreds and hundreds of years... because of
this they are almost tame... you can walk within
an inch of their herd and they wont startle.
this is still a difficult concept for me to
understand because in the states,
deer run away from me.

TODAY while i was walking molly,
i entered the park and saw them
on my right... now.. they are
beautiful and majestic... but
they scare me to death for
i think at any given time
they might just charge,
stab me with their
antlers... then i die.

there were about 10 stags,
maybe 40 younger ones,
several spotted fawns,
and 1 lovely white doe.
(the specialist and rarest that i love so much)

i held my breath and walked past them.

we walked for some time and were
just back at our own gate when
the biggest stag (18 point antlers)
decided to cross our path to the
other field to graze... then
one by one the whole herd
followed him starting with
the biggest antlers all the
way down to the smallest.

molly and i froze during the parade.
some of the herd didnt notice that
the king had started to move.
they had tiny antlers and
were still grazing away.
i thought to myself
this deer parade
will take all day!
i HAVE to cross.
i have to.

i waited for a small
break in the floats,
held my breath,
and walked.

there was a very polite deer who noticed
me and stopped to let me pass by.
i think i even saw him smile.

i didnt have my camera
so this is a picture i
got off the news :)

Thursday, 18 June 2009

it has the flavor of a witch!

hey you!
are you a dad oF a witch?
then you need new *WITCHES' DAD* chewing gum!
try our 3 new flavors:
or navy bluuuuuuue!

or try our original witch flavor!
"it has the flavor of a witch!"

have it on your boat!
share it with your favorite pet!

just open the pack.
dip it in your favorite sauce,
rub it in the crumbs provided,
and chew awayyyyyyyy!

(cue witch cackle)

i SWEAr that was my dream i had
at 7 oclock this morning.. there
was a guy with a weird pack of
gum doing a commercial for
witches' dad chewing gum
"it has the flavor of a witch!"
and it was sooooo funny... i woke
up cracking up so much that i never went
back to sleep. so i practiced my ballet.
which i found sort of even funnier.

you know a few weeks ago
when i said ive been calling it
"ballerina" class instead of ballet
cause i think it sounds funny?

well. yesterday.. when i went
to my class, the girl behind the
desk was like.."which class?"
and i was like "ballerina"...
"oh god i mean ballet!!"
!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!
she looked at me like i was
TOTALLy insane.
of course.
i think
i may

ps .. on another note...
here are too many pictures
of my little vintage headband
made of old tatting and lace.
i clipped it in the back with
a flower barrette to keep it
staying in one place.
easy huh!?

i think theres a
fairy in my closet!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

waif & stray

i finally sewed this up! little waif & stray dress.
i really need a dressmakers dolly...
(i call it a dolly cause its nicer than dummy)
hopefully one will come my way soon..

in the states i found an antique
one at a garage sale for 5 dollars!
its too big to fly here though...
makes me say mother eff.
especially when im pinning the
clothes to myself and i stab me.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

heart shaped ice

im quite obsessed with this dress..
its a bit rodarte-ish but more like
a little fairy imp ran through the
mud with it on.. ive been toying
with the idea of making free-
form dresses for some time..
in fact ive got a few on the
needles lonely right now.
but today all im making
is heart shaped ice cubes...
cause i got a tray to make them with yesterday.

i cant for the life of me stop watching this video.
and.... damn-IT. i bought the record off itunes today
before i realized that simon has it at the bella union office.
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i cant tell you how many times this happens.
im an IDIot... they are actually on the same label as me in the UK.
im the dumbest.

Monday, 15 June 2009


this used to be a cashmere turtleneck that was too small..
i just started cutting and sewing until i had a little
corset-ey tank-ey sort of thing.. i got the idea
from the reem collection of course.. i sort of
copied the pale blue one.. i was pretty
nervous about cutting it up.. so it was
good to have a guide to sort of copy
for my first one.. it wasnt as hard
as i thought it would be.. now
im going to go cut all my
stuff up i think.
sorry im not wearing
any make-up. i must
get better about that.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

babybel is all one word

roo loves sundays.
she knows she will
fetch babybel wrappers
and we wont do very
much of anything else.

i found these funny dance shoes thrifting...
they are a little big.. but love the pink elastic strap.
i think ill wear them all the lots..
too big just means more room for socks!
and i love these socks cause they were
only 1 pound 50 at primark!
i cant tell you how many
pairs i bought though...
because then i would
be embarrassed.
answer: over 5

Saturday, 13 June 2009

let them eat cake

i bought a ton of t-shirts at primark
and im going to embroider things on
them like.. carrot. or doll heart..
or me.. here is one i just did
called "cake".

Friday, 12 June 2009

tents... lanterns... plastic gonzo

i made a new t-shirt yesterday
and im reading a book about
living in a tent. im going to
make my own tent in my
bedroom.. only people i
like can come inside.
ladies pass by my
house with
and im in a tent.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

im going to go play in the tub

all the figures are just black shadows.
not to mention i cant control anything.
i upgraded to leopard but it still
just doesnt work. does this mean
i have to get a real actual life?
impossible. i just cant.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

never ever grow up.

today simon woke me up early for a surprise.
after a short drive right the way through london,
we ended up in the middle of kensington gardens.
suddenly i realized we were going to see peter pan!
in a big pavilion theatre live right smack dab in the
middle of the place where j.m. barrie wrote it..
and showing for the first time in a century!

it was probably the best thing ive ever seen.
when they fly... you almost get vertigo.. and
when tinkerbell came back to life because
all the children were saying "i believe in fairies"
simon and i both started crying.. then we were
laughing that we were crying at peter pan.
the moral of the story is true:
growing up is just plain awful.
here is the introduction clip:

i also got a silver thimble & acorn kiss necklace to remember the day.

i didnt forget about my swan though.
tinkerbell was wearing a huge pink tutu decked with little lights,
big black dusty combat boots... and her black hair was all messed up.
she looked just like a little doll that had been played with too much.
she was even all smudged with mud all over. it was perfect.