Monday, 29 March 2010

fairy queen crown

i found this little fairy queen crown in the woods near my house.
i am sure she will send her knights to come look for it,
so ive kept it in plain view just in case.
it must have fallen off when she did
some acrobatics. i know queens
shouldnt do that sort of thing.
but i bet she did it when
no one was looking.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

the little gloves

i knitted these little white rabbit wrist-ees. as soon as i saw the film i couldnt help myself. i made up a knitting pattern too... would you like it? ive posted it over on my *knitting blog* ...its free ♥

in theme i found this old set of alice books at kempton last week.

they are pretty tiny... they have gold pages and really nice illustrations.

ive been meaning to post them ♥ but ive been lost in a book of ships.

and then i fell down in a patch of violets.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

a book of pretend

this is a little book of pretend i found. pretending makes it real.
i remember starting out half of my conversations that way ♥

near kew gardens there is a fabric shop that
sells reproduction fabrics from the late 1800's...
i squirreled some away and made this bunchy skirt yesterday.
it feels like a down duvet and crinkles softly when i walk.

today while i was walking molly
i saw a little girl passing on a red bus.
she was pointing at my hat and her dad was smiling.
(that erased the reaction i had gotten from a little old lady
a few minutes earlier) ♥ my question to her is:
why on this earth would you NOT want ears on your hat?

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

little pink hat

ooh its a little pink hat i found at kempton park for a fiver ♥

its doll tiny and old ♥
yesterday we went to the flower nursery
& picked up scads and scads of ivy plants.
right now they are trailing vines all down the
windows & bookshelves... spring is coming.
ive put lavender oil in all of the eaves and i
have been adding drops of rose extract
to my ice water and drinking it out of
a pink glass goblet. its all turkish
delight and velvet kittens ♥

Monday, 15 March 2010

the ships, the lion tamer & the north wind

i had a dream we were on the desert planes... the grass was pale green and dry....a giant lion tangled with a man. i was in worry of being gobbled myself.... then a voice said. "look again, the man is just distracting the lion.. you are safe... and they are only playing..." i looked again to see them rolling about on the grass like puppy & boy.

its just like the north wind.... things are not always as they seem? i have seen her sink ships with her left arm, and hold children in her right... her hair brambles as her hand divides... but what if what we think is dividing... is really not dividing at all?

speaking of ships... i have been pondering them again.
and lo if the north wind didnt blow one right straight
into the magic charity shop for me today.
...eye on the sparrow and all that.

ps. when i was on the bus on the way there..
i saw a giant ship in a window in camelot court...
i thought id like to find one myself... isnt that strange?

Friday, 12 March 2010

there's a fly on the lamp.

there's a fly on the lamp.

there's a FLY on the LAMP.


i am taking this to my vet as proof that my cats are in
desperate need of kitty prozac. look at ruby's eyes!
they are having a proper freak out.
hilarious ♥

Thursday, 11 March 2010

crowns & castles

ive been walking through paper castles

& having crushes on little blurry figures of smoke.

i have a cold :(
partly because i conquered kempton park antique fair on tuesday
and i got a proper chill doing so. my bones felt like ice... my fingers
were frozen and clutching tiny broken dolls and bits of old lace.

i am reading again: ♥
at the back of the north wind
by george macdonald

all of the pretty paper magics are made by *terri windling*
arent they just the loveliest? ♥