Thursday, 25 February 2010


tonight was the royal premiere of alice in wonderland!

it was pouring cats and rabbits... and rain.

we got to stand next to tim burton and helena bonham carter.
i was able to meet her afterwards and give her a little white rabbit ♥
i totally stumbled over myself. i just totally adore her.
im so sorry i took a video but its insane & i just cant post it!
im babbling something like "i love you" its horrid. BUT
she was AMAZING in it. absolutely riveting and perfect.

and theeeeeen we saw alan rickman ♥
(and of course the rest of the cast... but.. alan rickman!) brilliant.

also. it was a royal premiere..
so the trumpets sounded and prince charles came in!
he sat a good 20 rows ahead of us.. i was dying to get
a look at him wearing 3-D glasses.. but alas. he never turned around.
i have to admit.. during the film
(which was stunning and redeems the story for me completely)
i just kept thinking.... "im watching a film with prince charles"
"hey, whats the prince of wales doing tonight?"
"oh, hes watching a film with me"

also.. one other cute thing,
when we were in the rest room
i was washing my hands and looked next to me
and there was anne hathaway standing there like a baton.
she was really really really lovely & we had a little chat ♥

i swear im not a star stalker! im not! see? no photos here..
but.. this was really special ... and im really thankful i got to go ♥

ps. look what my friend heather just found:
*clip* of us on the red carpet scurrying past
johnny depp.. giggling... like... idiots. (9 seconds in)

Saturday, 20 February 2010

midlake & alice

we had the final midlake show on thursday.
i got to sing with them onstage for all 3 of the
london shows and it was more lovely than i can say.
i am sad to see them go back to america ♥

good news:
i just found out that we have tickets to the
london premiere of tim burton's *alice* on thursday!
we get to walk the red carpet in leicester square
with tim burton and johnny depp! i am so
excited i could completely freak out ♥
i have to fight the urge to wear an alice dress.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

cedar needles & the little moose dearling

i am knitting a woodland cape-let with my cedar knitting needles.
i look at the branches while you read me fairy-tales.
♥ ♥ ♥
when little baby mooses are small they dont have antlers
im not sure what the plural of moose is... im sure its just moose.

but i will call them mooses anyway.
i dont want them getting gypped of a letter.
dont worry little dearling moose
you will have them soon.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

deep black forest

i had a dream that the forest floor was covered in black velvet.
little beetles made their way this way and that.
a wise owl watched from a tree but let them be.
he turned his feather head