Sunday, 29 May 2011

moon faery & teacup moss

ive been putting mossy earth in teacups & dreaming green and blue...
little winged creatures have been dancing for and around me ♥
they spell words in the air and hug me with see-through wings.

i know what they are saying... and i am holding my cups
with crystals in... waiting... waiting... waiting... ♥
i am working on true grace and each of the elements.
when the fire gets too big i put fish in my heart.
they swim and sway... they teach me to cry and remind me
to go with the flow... the stream will always carry me ♥

today we are going to go see "hannah" if it is still in the theatres.
i sang on the closing credits song with the chemical brothers
and im so excited to see it on the big screen! that is if it is still
possible. i may have missed it... thats because i have been in my
sky parlor... hiding in the garrets and subject to the muse ♥
ooooh here is the song if you would like to hear it. ♥

ps all pictures are from we ♥ it