Tuesday, 27 July 2010

we are climbing up into our tree house

i ran to put cypress & bay laurel on my wrists... 5 drops each.
i put on my silver jingle bracelet... we are going to climb the ladder
up into our tree house... we will disappear into books... together.

now we are climbing... my wrists jingle with each rung.
i am humming something that seems to be coming from
the earth floor... something soft and ordinary...
the ground is fading... clouds roll in.

inside... we can just stand... here... in the amber
cedar light... i place a crown on your head.
it looks perfect.
then we look out of little moon shaped windows... together.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

hushing early morning and let the soldiers rest

when you are mean to yourself
your self makes a little army of invisible men...
they link arms and form a barrier that separates
you - from your soul.

they will guard your soul like an iron gate
and they wont let you see it anymore.
they are protecting it from you.

if you are easy on yourself,
the men will put down their shields and rest.
then you can be all of you ♥

summer music with not too many words... patchouli mixed with bergamot... then 12 books from amazon dropped through my letterbox! fringy boots and foxes... cedarwood incense & earth thoughts in clay cups... carrying a summer basket... fur and feather wolf & crow dreams where i am the mother... where they rest on my shoulders and lick from my fingers... watching a mobile made of feathers blowing in the fan... then staying up into night to play with magic.. and... ribbons... always the ribbons... twirl your hair around your fingers and suck your thumb little one.. it will be ok and besides that i am so sorry ♥

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

tiny violet hand puff

its a tiny violet hand puff.. my latest design ♥

over 200 crocheted and felted violets are crammed and smushed together because i forced them to be in love with each other.

the inside of this little puff is lined with white purr-soft angora ♥

i wore it around my neck on a green velvet ribbon when i went to stonehenge overnight..... it kept my porpies so warm!
porpies are hands. danielle and i used to pretend our hands were dolphins and make them swim in the air... somehow porpoise porpoise turned to porpie porpie and it stuck. i still call them that always.

i think this little puff will come in handy in the fall... but i cant help that i finished it in the summer. i will like to wear it with a black coat.

when i said i fell down in a patch of violets i wasnt kidding. i was totally surrounded... i crocheted little violets like i was shelling peas... i tossed them in a little basket for months before i had enough.

want to make your own? ive written up the pattern
the pattern uses knitting & crochet and sport weight & chunky wool.
it is shaped so your hands kind of *pop* in just like a real victorian muff.
hehehe i said muff.