Saturday, 31 January 2009

feather androgyny & whim

kings & queens
like blue face..oh
sorry. i ripped it.
we have to find
something new.
did you remember
to tie it to the tree?
no i dropped it..
you could have been
more careful? now
anything could happen.
throw it out pom pom face.
i didnt want you.
yellow ribbons
around trees.
you are an acorn
and cannot EVER
come back.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

unicorn vs pony

i cant let today devastate me.
even though it has been devastating.
and then in the middle of my downfall
i got a text that i was nominated
in NME magazine for .....sexiest female?
wtf! how completely insane.
anyway people are voting HERE.
or are they?
the press release said "and out of nowhere
stephanie dosen" .. thats exactly how i felt.
im only putting this link up
so i can vote for myself like 500 times
because i have no shame. whatsoever.
all i was doing was brushing my pony's tail.
and he was getting really irritated with me.
not because of the brushing...
but because
i glued a horn to him... just one.
cause thats how many a unicorn has.
and thats what i asked for.
a unicorn,
not a stupid pony.

Monday, 26 January 2009

ballet ... surprise ...

simon and i went to la bayadere tonight at the
royal opera house in covent garden.
it was beyond captivatingly beautiful
once i get a little ballet fix i just want more.
the stunning kingdom of shades is so entirely mesmerizing,

act III was so beautiful when he was dancing with her ghost...

now for my lizzie...

im with you all the way my little bird.

photo and minifilm :sofiacoppola
in surgery: my lizzie

petal and roo

roo how are we ever going to finish our ruby slippers this way?
dont you know we are trying to get to biscuit world?
where every wardrobe opens up to snow
and every box hides twirling ballerinas?
if we dont have our slippers
our chariot wont know where to stop
and the bluebirds will begin to cry.
oh dont worry roo.
we will make you some too.

we went for a walk on saturday morning...
the blades of grass were like icicles so we stomped them.
we stomped the grassicles and screamed

anyway... we happened on
a little old lady all bundled up
her little muffler covered her mouth
she smiled bright eyes at us and said "morning!"
simon said "did she say 'im horny'?"
i said "i think so" anyway it sounds pretty much the same
if you say it right... we thought it our only purpose
to say "im horny" to everyone we saw all morning
and then laugh like psychos.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

cote d'azur

today we just got back from a
mini mini break to cannes, france.
the cote d'azur was looking rather grey,
but we managed some crepes and baileys
by the seaside... and i got to peek in at chanel.

this is the carlton hotel
where they shot alfred hitchcocks
"to catch a thief" with grace kelly & cary grant.
i wore a tan trench coat and huge sunglasses
for the whole occasion and read all of *twilight*

the book... was captivating enough,
i suppose because i did continue
reading despite the fact that i
wasnt completely sure why...
but her angle, i dont get at all.
bounding off after someone
who might just murder you
cant possibly be charming.
i dont care how hot he is.
i guess its my age?
plus... if she were any more
bland shed be sand.
id rather eat wallpaper paste
than have a conversation with her.
how come he found her so fascinating?
i bet she drinks tap water
and wears a north face coat.

am i going to read the sequel?
um.... yes, but im going to
brush up on my speed reading
before i waste too much more of my time.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

doubt & godiva

last night we went to the premier of *doubt* in london.
it was my first premier.. so i wasnt sure what to expect.
was meryl streep going to float in on a swan?
was she going to ride in a little pink bubble
like the good witch in the wizard of oz?

when we sat down there were godiva chocolates
and caramel flavoured water by our seats..
i asked the man next to me (in jeans)
if these were my godivas... or his...
he said something muffled about
"your... fins..???"
i said
"godiva is made of orphans!?..
i definitely dont want them then...
in fact, im appalled they would leave these
on our seats... you can have mine"
he got very upset and tried to
explain to me that no.. he didnt
say that! "i said they were YOURs then"
he kept saying..
i shook my head and said "....i know.... terrible..."

after we were seated..
john patrick shanly said a few words
and then introduced meryl streep and amy adams
they came out from stage left like to pale pink clouds
diamonds in their ears and grins on their faces.
you cant help but break your face in half smiling
when you see meryl streep in person.
she is a legend.

this is what i wore
a vintage 30's mink belt over my
vintage leather jacket (60's) and my favourite boots:

after the film.. simon and i were very teary eyed and sad
i called my lizzie in america to see if shed seen it yet..
i love discussing films with her... we never agree!
and i love her to death for it. to DEATH.
and yes. id way rather post a picture of my outfit
than discuss the movie anymore! ha ha ha

Thursday, 15 January 2009

dame darcy has a cute ear

Dame Darcy's Comic-Con 07 - Click here for more home videos

oo my god i love this deranged mermaid
she had brought to life friend the girl
and richard t. dirt and perfidia & hinderance
she makes me scream pig latin and collect conch shells.
i cant wait for gasoline. gasoline. gasoline.
dame darcy's paper doll fun

Monday, 12 January 2009

the birds are bigger than me

dolls dont have to eat
they never fill their tiny ceramic bellies.
their desks are always by the window.
at night,
they count sheep countless
and moonrake waterless
and sleep with their eyes open.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

temperance & disappearance

sylvia gave me 14 arcana pebbles today
i will put them in my starbox in honor of stargirl
...i am not permanent...
just a wisp. a hope. a breath of smoke.
to live again and rediscover the fortunes of nigel.
set free again and thankful
that the net had holes.

Monday, 5 January 2009

april it was or was it may or some other

me & tim
i was just listening to my itunes
when it randomly hit a jimmie spheeris song
and that made me think of our month with midlake..
this is one of my favourite moments on stage with them.
i was so happy to be singing along with one of my favourite bands ever.
hopefully ill get to sneak down to texas soon with simon
to check out the new recordings... i cant wait.

i still say "down" to texas as if i live in the states..
which is silly because id really be going "over"

Friday, 2 January 2009

goldie & mathilda

i started a new vogue diary this week
i love all of my vogues... but i just cant keep them all.
they are too big... and i like small things
just THINK if vogues were the size of your hand
how cute that would be...
for as long as i can remember
i take out the best bits and embellish them in a diary.
i use sick scotch tape very carelessly over everything
and now
there is more room on my bookshelves for fairy tales.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

alice in wonderland


i made these little wrist warmers for reading fairy tales in the garden
i called them *alice in wonderland*
they are ruby blood red and magical
just like ketchup
but better.

listen to the book here

im going to wear them tonight when
i chase little white rabbits.