Friday, 27 February 2009

Thursday, 26 February 2009

london fashion week

this week petal and i were busy going to fashion shows
during london fashion week... here are the pretty invites:

we loved all the shows and got to sit down in the
2nd and 3rd row for most of them...
i think the highlight was the qasimi show
it was glorious and here are some pics...
(petal and i were elbowing each other when
erin o'connor and lily cole came down the runway)

Photos by Tim Whitby/Getty Images Europe

we were sad that we didnt take our cameras
but we got our pics taken by lots of bloggers
which was fun.. except we wish we could find them!
we only found one of me which is dumb cause petal looked prettier:
thanks to style canteen for posting this one...


me: um can you believe we are at london fashion week?
petal: um no.
me: um this is reeeeallly cool but im trying to play it blase
so i dont look like a mental patient when i start hyper ventilating.
petal: you are a mental patient.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

walking the red carpet in flats

last night we went to the london premier of confessions of a shopaholic
it was in leicester square and the energy was mental
loud music and spotlights twirling everywhere
cameras on cranes swooping over the crowd
tons of beautiful models covered in shopping bags
people cramming in to try to get pictures past security.
i have to admit its quite fun to hold the golden ticket
and get to walk the red carpet.. (in this case pink carpet)
but one thing i have learned is never ever ever ever
try to do it in flats... you just feel like a shrimp.
we saw lots of stars which is always fun
and isla fisher sat almost in our row
(one section over) for the movie..
there is something really special about
laughing at funny parts... and knowing that
the actress is actually IN the theatre
watching it with you.. and you are sort
of letting her know how much you love
her work right then and there... by laughing.
because its true!... isla fisher is a comedic genius!
i had a really good time even though
i wore charity shop crap and flats.
and we turned down the afterparty like idiots.
ps. i look kind of like a bitch in these photos but im not one.

Monday, 16 February 2009

velvet bella union chapel valentine

on valentines day simons record label (bella union)
had a special concert at a cathedral in london.
dustin o'halloran played his lovely piano songs first...
i was so happy when he played the ones he composed
for sophia coppolas *marie antoinette*!!!
to hear them in person after listening to
the record so many times was holy
and i blissed out over it!
and beautiful *our broken garden* played too
and lovable peter broderick.. both so perfect.

i was so proud of simon because he got up and
said a few words even though he didnt plan to
and the audience was so responsive even
though tickets only went on sale 2 weeks before,
we almost sold out to over 700 guests.
i think its a testament to simons heart
and love for sharing good music.
it was really his night and i loved it.
(i wore a red velvet coat & a frilly
caplet that natanya petal crocheted me
all by herself.. and it was her first project!)
i was honored to wear it even though
she couldnt be there that night
which is a shame because she
would have loved it so much
the stained glass was so beautiful
and it was so dark with a million
tiny candles all flickering along the edges...
everyone was

Friday, 13 February 2009

friendly neighborhood girls hat man

there is a little old man in my neighborhood
he sits at the bus stop right by the library.
sometimes i see him going to tesco's.
he uses a walker because he cant walk very well..
and its obvious that he cant see very well..
he shuffles along very slowly.
he wears a lovely brown tweed coat.
lovely tweed trousers.. a grey scarf...
perfectly respectable brown boots.
and a lavender and pink sparkly hat.
i am positive he has no idea that
he is wearing a girls hat..
i dont know if his granddaughter left it over one day?
and its become the mix-up of the century?..
if shes wandering around the playground
wearing a tweed cap and no one is saying anything?
i feel bad for him .. but it also makes me very happy.
i dont know why.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

the history of almost all useful things

get the print *here*

im writing a book on the history of almost all useful things.
there will be characters.. bunnies and cacti with nice manners
and of course a fox and a wolf who are best friends
who chew taffy and get drunk on spritzers.
i will let them decide what is useful and what is not
after all. its subjective isnt it.

and also
what the fuck.
last week i heard a little voice in my head tell me
that there was a little box with a ballerina twirling in it
at my very favorite local charity shop...
i was overconfident. i was lazy. i was reckless.
i stayed in bed and counted stars out my window.
i swept the floor. i darned a pair of wool socks.
and finally today i walked down to hunt it.
i asked joyce where it was
"hey do you have a little jewelry box with a twirling ballerina in it?"
she opened her eyes wide and said "oh. we had one last week, but it sold"
i felt like i had been smacked in the face.
i missed the ballerina bus.
(i did find a cute pansy fairy tea light for 50 pence)
but i was smarting.
so i wandered numbly to the next charity shop.
and the hideousness of my lesson multiplied.
i informed the lady
(who consistently and shamelessly sings anita baker songs
at the top of her lungs in the most off base voice in the known world)
that i was on the hunt.
"oh" she says. "we had one last week but it sold"
i know there are big problems in the world
i mean. ive got some of them...
this little double bee sting
let me know that
if you dont get off your ass
and follow the voices in your head
and proceed in life with full steam ahead
then some other bitch is going to buy up
all your ballerinas and you are going to
be shit out of luck sitting there alone just
running out of burts bees lip balm till you die.

im going to go watch annie hall
and sew leather onto the bottom
of my new pixie boots... like you do.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

oh connecticut you vicious beast

we met when we were five.
my mother introduced us.
you were sitting on a bed, and playing
with a very old black phone...
the handle was so heavy you could barely pick it up
but you held it to your perfect blonde ringlets and talked quietly.
how is it SO blonde? i thought.
it was only a play day. there was no school
yet you were wearing black patent mary janes.
very dressy just for play. i thought.
you were brave and didnt pay any attention to me.
i didnt know you were my soulmate.
now all we can do is talk on the phone.
was it some sort of a joke?

they drink sugar in their dreams

when owls are the size of a quarter
they cant do nobody no harm.
they sit like little lambs on your shoulder
feather puff white, rumbling tiny purring coos
and turn their heads all the way around.

they arent afraid to look behind them.
yesterday someone suggested to me
that my past might haunt me.
i promise i only find it amusing.
like a movie with some other girl in it.
some other girl that i dont feel
one way or the other about.
shes the *everygirl*.
and so i think, how will she get out of that one?
but she always does... and in her bedroom
there are always moons and ghost dolls,
birds nests and brambled branches,
and boxes with tiny twirling ballerinas.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

ode to the lost kibble

somehow there is a piece of cat food
stuck in the soundboard of my grand piano.
i dont know how it got there..
its underneath the strings
and try as i might.. i CANT GET IT OUT.
i can pick it up... (with a little tweezers)
but i cant get it past the STRINGS.

it wouldnt bother me that much...
but when i play, lamby and roo
perch on the lid and claw and bite
at the strings trying to get it.
which is stupid.
they have AN ENTIRE BOWL of food
in the kitchen.. but somehow
all the little kibbles in the world
dont match up to the glory and allure
of this one lone lost kibble..

somehow when things get lost
they get illuminated.
but they arent special.
they just arent yours.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

my grandma knitted my jumper & i knitted my hat

we have had quite a snow roo.
its best we just sit inside
and wait for it to melt.
it will melt right?
i mean. things change.
that is why you are shedding
on my favourite black coat.
because you are ready for spring
and so am i.

this video is for
natanya petal
who just had a
bunny steal her tooth!
i saw him do it.
but he was too fast
and she didnt feel a thing.
surely the tooth fairy
will come tonight.
until then:

that bunnys puttin on the jams