Wednesday, 25 August 2010

deer with little antlers hat

i had been trying to grow antlers for quite some time to no avail.
i finally had to get out the sticks and strings and make some!

i havent used them in a battle yet or anything. but i might do.

if you want to buy the pattern to make them yourself...
you can do that here:
pattern is 5.50 USD and takes one skein of manos del uruguay wool.
and some feltable off-white double knit for the antlers.
i mean. they are made of bone. of course they are.
lovely yarrow has asked me to post the lyrics to
*we carry white mice* so here they are:

when lacy wings decompose
i do not know. where do they go?
oh it is a subtle thing.
melting right into the air.

all the edges crisp and fray.
tiny pin eyes sink in a shell.
oh it is a subtle thing.
melting right into the air.

and then we... carry white mice to the prairie
to see them ascend.. and remember... all is lost.

it came from a poem i wrote about a little winged
bug dying and then disappearing. and about the
funeral i might have for him. if i had gotten to him in time.
i swear the poem was better! ah! seems once i turn poems into
music they just dont stand up alone anymore. bad bad bad bad bad.
the video is only a demo of half of the song... more to come! ♥

pssst.. if you want to hear it its the second video in my sidebar
the one with all the pink flowers...
i left the audio to the video footage up loud because
all of the bird chirping was real time! ♥

Friday, 20 August 2010

she hath a mark like a violet

its here its here! it is a print from *undine*
"she hath a mark like a violet between her shoulders
and another like it on the instep of her left foot"
i hung it right above my chair.

i would say to the many many over-many incomprehensible number
of bertaldas ive had in my life, that i will always love you all...
i forgive you all... and i will always feed you oranges,
and let you take what you will.
i have what i need. its inside of me ♥

Monday, 9 August 2010

roses and the absolutely impossible

yesterday i planted these little cyclamen in the windowsill.

they somehow remind me of the flowers snow white may have planted in the window box at the little cottage she found in the woods.

i have been keeping busy designing a few knit bits for yarn forward magazine! im very excited about the secrets in the cauldron and its taking all of my willpower to keep them shoved inside. they want out.

i dont usually knit from patterns... but last weekend at knit nation i fell straight in love with the romance de la rose socks by renaissance dye studio. i think now that i can see the charts on this insane gadget... color-work has finally become impossible to ignore any longer.

ok. then something impossible happened.
and i still cant wrap my head around it.

simon works closely with a guy named jason rackham.
somewhere along the line.. simon must have mentioned
to jason what a huge worshipper of arthur rackham i am.
(simon is always hunting in the london charities for copies
or DARE, first editions of any of the works hes illustrated.)
he has found 4 so far ... but not at charity shops ...
peter pan in kensington gardens, evelina, little brother &
little sister (GRIMM) and the rhinegold & the valkyrie.

last week, jason was in a charity shop and found some
original arthur rackham prints from the early 1900's!
he picked them all up.. and since he knows how i feel
about the greatest illustrator of all time.. he got one for me!
now. i am honoured and excited and beyond consolation
when simon says, "oh yeah and i cant actually believe i forgot
to tell you this.. but jason is actually arthurs great-great grandson!"
! ♥ ? ♥ ? ♥ !
now. just why simon didnt come home
and actually set himself on fire in front of me
with this information painted on a plaque to
display the importance of it.. i have no idea.

i dont know what the print is yet.. and i can barely contain myself
with excitement over the possibility. also.. i just keep thinking..
why why why why why why why me!?
i will return with updates.
if they are all playing
a huge joke on me
i will let you know.