Thursday, 19 November 2009

lamby & the willow wand

a little lady named helen sold me this willow wand for one pound.

she has a tiny antique store at the end of my road
it is filled with wooden stools & globe lamps.
she never gets anything new, but sometimes
i stop in just to say hello. i saw this staff
with the curly vines and my face lit up.
"oh that old thing, you can have that
for a pound." she said. yay.
lamby got in the picture
can you tell what a
bastard he is?
maybe you cant cause he looks kind of cute.

ps. nanowrimo is my bitch
im at 33,000 and ticking like a clock.
and thanks everyone for your encouragement!
it really really helps. i hope nano is your bitch too.

Monday, 16 November 2009

swallow & owl feathers

i have been completely and utterly swallowed by my book!
im trapped in the belly of the mama whale.
i have bought some white carnations
they are sitting on my writing desk.
my book wakes me up at night
like a screaming baby. i am
on schedule though with
25,000 words. ♥

thanks for everyone who wished me well with
nanowrimo! i am still punching it in the face!

also. these are my owls. they are each the size
of a loaf of bread! i bought them at a thrift
store in wisconsin and then painted them
with pearl paint so they glowed. thats
the trick with brown owls. you can
just paint them pearly white and
they dont mind ♥

Monday, 9 November 2009

little cousin i love you so

this is a sketch done by my cousin *kimberanne*

she is in art school in wisconsin & here we are ♥

here is the original. shes such a talented little otter!
she cheers me up when im pulling my hair out.
she sends me links to video games when im
about to die of pure bordeom.. and writes
the darkest and best little comic about
a penguin named chester. there are
lots of years between us but our
family blood makes us cut from
the same exact cloth. id be
absolutely lost without her ♥

ps. ive only got 7881 words for
nanowrimo so far!!!! i must
write write write write write!

Friday, 6 November 2009

sea glass & tiny pots

ive started to collect bits of pale sea glass.
the magic charity shop is swimming in it ♥

they also have lots of tiny little pots. i cant resist them.

i found some white roving and made little snowballs.

feeling a bit better but my novel is suffering!
with a swimmy head all i want to do is rest and knit.
im going to give myself an extension on the deadline heh heh nAUGHTY.
its just that,
i have lots of knitting patterns just sitting around that
need desperately to be written up and posted on ravelry.
ah me. you must get to work you lazy little sausage!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

little kitten basket & the tour lag

aw i made this little basket. it took forEVER to felt
because i have to do all of my felting by hand these days.
if i was a very very tiny kitten i would get inside of it.
*ive posted the free pattern on my knitting site*

so. i am neck deep in national novel writing month!
i am writing my first novel ♥
the goal is to write 2000 words a day
and by the end have over 50,000 words.
i know that math is a bit dodgy... but
with editing and all that... it works.
its funny how fast it all comes out
once you start. its so much easier
than writing songs... because
with songs you dont have
that much room to say
everything you want.
to make every hint
totally understood.

plus im knitting a gigantic afghan and watching
episodes of ghost whisperer online. i am such a nerd.

mostly all of this bed-ridden activity is due to the fact
that i am tour-lagged and have picked up some sort
of hideous cold that has me seeing stars. the only
super cool thing is that i MAY have gotten the
cold from emily saliers! my songwriting guru
gave me a cold. what if joni mitchell gave you
a cold? well, emily is my joni. she had one
on tour and since we were all crammed on
a tiny bus i am guessing that is why im
feeling like a giant marshmallow.

at first i spelled marshmallow marshmEllow.
i thought that was the right way my whole life.
i guess they just arent as laid back as i thought.

im not saying that im saving my kleenex or anything
just because i got my cold from emily!!!!! ha ha ha :)
its just that... i mean.. if you have to get a cold
you may as well get it from someone really cool.