Saturday, 22 November 2008

first ballet book


i had this ballet book when i was little
and i used to put my hair in braids
and practice in my room...
it was printed in the 60's
so its a little tattered
because i loved it to bits.

Friday, 21 November 2008

secrets in the piano bench


bear and i found a grand piano online for free one day
so we bought it... but we didnt have to pay so
it wasnt really buying...but you know what i mean.
then we went searching for a bench
because we like to sit down when we play
we are not lazy or anything.. its just more comfortable.
well maybe we are a little bit lazy.. but that is beside the point.

unavoidably the bench cost more than the piano itself...
we found it at a little antique shop at the end of the road.
we grabbed it in a hurry and when we got it home
we found tons of very old music and old photographs inside.
this is one of my favourites.

the family had 3 daughters ..
*at least.. i think know because their names are on the piano books*
i think this was their stylish aunt
who traveled with dogs and lots of hat boxes.
she fell in love with a sailor who never returned
so she married a rich merchant who bought her every
fox stole she ever barked at.
though she never really found true love again.
(unless you count her dogs which were very true)
at least i think thats what happened.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

let the little lamb eat cake


im sure there is plenty of it around....
meanwhile... im busy in the bath.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

if we dont practice our ballet the swans will die


little lamb is a very good ballerina.


yesterday petal came over and
we played bach prelude in C on the piano
mostly because of picnic at hanging rock
then we practiced our ballet to save the swans...
then we watched virgin suicides
and crocheted some wrist warmers
to keep our wrists warm...

i found an old shawl that i made a long time ago
and have since dreaded and hidden it away.
but today is *ballet-day*
and as i was shifting through my wardrobe
i happened upon it and realized it makes a brilliant scarf.
its super bulky ballet pink and made of cashmere and silk.
it feels like feathers it is so light.

ive been thinking about judy garland...
tear shaped shells and white tights...
jasmine tea in green leaf cups...
and tiny owls the size of a quarter.


Thursday, 13 November 2008

if i had a bat i would name him jeFF

cause when he said his name with his little buck fang teeth
it would be really cute.



this is me and natanya petal
on halloween we crossed the english countryside
to get to whitby gothic fair to sell our wares to goths..
turns out goths like to browse..

i made tiny stuffed kittens
and ghost necklaces
natanya brought her beautiful dresses
they are worth 1 million dollars a piece
but she doesnt charge that much.

our bed & breakfast was haunted
and the ghost gave us the giggles
and made us late for breakfast
which was NOT a hit with our host.
we stopped the car on a bridge
and let the ocean crash over us
while we smoked cigarettes.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

fleet foxes & dewberry flowers


last night i went to the fleet foxes show
at shepherds bush in london.
thing about foxes see is that they are sly.
but not as sly as whitby goths though..
no one is as sly as that..
last time i was at shepherds bush
i was on stage... and i vaguely
i remember going on about
"oh yeah well where was her bush then?"
and this time i was equally unfunny.
i got horribly drunk at the afterparty
and remember telling robins parents
that they had a forcefield of love around them.
which was true.. but not something you should
just bang on about to complete strangers if you
want to appear sane which in this case was entirely impossible..
oh well they were all great & charming
and i put flowers in my hair for the occasion..
even though my shirt said "metal up your ass."


silk jacket from whistles? i know i know..terrible.. but its cute!
metallica t-shirt from "back in the day"
self-made skirt from a mosquito net and lace i procured from *attic*
flowers i nicked from daisy today...
(we went to a charity shop down the road to find silk flowers
for the *thee single spy* single launch on wednesday..
we found LOADS.. anyway while she was talking to someone else
i plucked a few and jammed them in my pocket... i had plans see...)

Monday, 10 November 2008

arles & a wee red leather heart


this rain is inexorable! ...
i am thinking of my summer in france.
here is a picture that andrew took of me
in arles on the massive attack tour..
i was really really tired that day
and the show was about to start...
and i thought,
"its nice when you find a place to sit down."
so i did.
and there.. on the table next to me
was an abandoned pack of cigarettes complete with lighter..
i thought it was a gift from my faeries seeing as they were camels
(and it seems like everyone here smokes marlboros which i think suck)
so i started smoking them.
but turns out they belonged to someone else..
a french woman.
and she wasnt all that happy about it
but i had to go onstage anyway..
so gave them back and left.