Tuesday, 16 December 2008

starship bunny empire


im lining up sylvanian rabbits
and flocked deer for the holiday
ive crammed the tree robins and hedgehogs
only woodland animals are allowed in the tree
because i think its natural.

i found a nativity scene in the
christmas boxes and pulled out
the joseph.. i asked simon
who it was and he said thats jesus.
i said thats not jesus unless he
is a full grown man at birth.
so i put him back in the box.
he had a beard.

Saturday, 13 December 2008


my secret dream is to get lost in a library
i mean really lost...but i dont care.
i just sit down right where i am
and read every single book there.
somewhere there is a
grandfather clock ticking.
and a library cat with
a little bell around its neck
comes to bring me
pear juice in a little barrel
just like those dogs in the snow.

little little little



the sequel to little women.
its good cause its little.
i rescued it in my net
and dusted off the
charity shop.
speaking of net
nobody saw the back of it tonight.

Friday, 12 December 2008

edward scissorhands


we went to the ballet tonight
to see edward scissorhands.
hearing the music performed
live right in front of me felt like my
velveteen rabbit had come to life.
at the end .. he came downstage
and lifted his scissors... and
suddenly it began to snow
right inside the theatre
covering the crowd...
with the music in
the background
it actually

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


im pulling back time like
paper from toffee apples
looking for the very moment it happened.
even though i know that
when i find it
i cant undo it.

Monday, 8 December 2008

xanadu & the rabbits foot tragedy




when i was little we went to wisconsin dells
we wore moccasins and carried tomahawks
we bought rabbits feet and attached them to our belts.
we waited in line to visit the xanadu castle
it looked like a giant white meringue in the grass.
inside there was a star room shaped like a dome
the walls and ceiling were lined with black velvet
and pinpricked with a million tiny little stars.

later i realized my rabbits foot was real
and i began to cry.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

notting hill

*swan in vintage shop in notting hill*

*petal in the secret garden having a pint in old fashioned mugs*

yesterday natanya petal and i got up very
very early to go to alice's vintage sale
but found the gorillas overwhelming.
we put on our ice skates and went over
to portobello road ...



everything we bought was tiny
in fact if the stall didnt have tiny things we didnt go in
we said "thats not tiny enough" and moved on.

see photos:
tiny porcelain pudding doll
tiny keys 3 of them
tiny printing press stamps saying O W L
tiny boxes
tiny picture frame
tiny lily stamp
tiny shakespeare novels (2)
tiny cast iron lamb handpainted
tiny foreign doll torso

turns out *alls well that ends well* was the theme of the day.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

they are all around me

and i see them in the shadows
i wear earmuffs to keep the sound out
and the people out even more.
my head is under my wing.
im hearing silent snow these days
and disappearing in wardrobes
and libraries .. under glass domes
and into the trunks of giant trees.
i am not seen anymore
but i am full of color still
and even now more than ever.

tomorrow i will go to kensington gardens


on our way out of wisconsin (to the airport)
we stopped at the library in my little town
which is my heart.. because it was my first library
and i found so much magic there.
this time.. in the *friends of the library* book sale
i found this book for 2 dollars which is total glee.

when we got to the airport, we learned that
the snow was so heavy our plane couldnt fly.
so we piled in a hideous bus to chicago
where i read it cover to cover
and thank god, because the dreariness of
going to shit-cago was threatening
to kill me right there...

today though i am back in london....
so i put on my best tutu
and went to hunt tigers and piano music.
the city can be so overwhelming that
you have to imagine pooky with you
just when you do that.. and calm your breathing...
the busses turn into giant red ladybirds,
the stoplights flashing yellow are giant sunflowers.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

fawns & sugarplums this week


little white owls, vintage dollhouse rugs, ballerina, les sylphides, back & window light, snow faeries, peter pan in kensington gardens, castle, marie antoinette, scarlett johansson as cinderella, pale blue winter moon, unicorn, antiquarian books, fawn, beluga tail, sleepy hollow, 1912 doll house, pink tutu, marie blythe, deer terrarium, white dress, whitby abbey, snow ride, lonely house, pale & blue

liz on top of the world

some mrs. darcys would play this poorly.
yell in rainstorms in black coats...
climb mountains and walk gardens reading big brown books...
some would not yell.. read tiny books
and play it with a piano topped with velvet bunnies
and two powder puff kittens pulling at the strings.
im the second sort.
this isnt me though...
ive only started learning this piece today!

this is the best performance on youtube
but the sound quality is the worst..
though the more i listened to it..
again* and again* and again*
the more i liked the strange chiming.
it disappears in the higher register
and then finds its way back again...

here are some hop hops i brought home today

Monday, 1 December 2008

little red riding hood goes home

wisconsin felt like home this week with its
thick black sky like frozen ink in a bottle...
before we left...we went to a little antique market
right down the road from *the pix*...

the pix is our old movie theatre in the center of the tiny town
i grew up in... it only shows one movie...
(we saw "stand by me" there....and "ghost")
right across from the pix was a little corner cafe called *tiffany's*
it had yellow awnings and ice cream parlor tables..
we used to sneak out of school and get root beer floats there...
it wasnt called tiffany's anymore...
and the pix wasnt showing *ghost* anymore...
but the snow dropped like butterfly wings
on my eyelashes in huge feathery pom poms
just like i remember...
and carrie was there... all dressed up in a cocoon
with her shiny black hair in little girl ringlets..
and her eyes still bright green.
so i still felt home...

i wore my little red riding hood capelet
and tread quickly over the snow
remembering old wolves