Monday, 20 September 2010

woodland hoodlet

woodland hoodlet pattern i just finished ♥

its good for picking red red berries in the woods.

and for stopping to chat with deer along the way.

sometimes deer are shy to tell you their names are lieselotte & twigs.

so take lots of pretzels with you. deer love pretzels. its the salt.

yay the little heidi spencer tour is done. it was fun because i got to sit in the dark corner and pretend i was david gilmour on the lap steel. yes i know he doesnt play lap steel. but if he did. plus i could drink as much vodka as i wanted to and chirp to myself and no one seemed to notice one bit! its a bit harder to fall over if you are sitting down. it made me love playing out again because my legs werent all wobbly-like. playing out can be nervousing. i know its not a word but it means what i mean.
so... ♥ woodland hoodlet ♥ would you like to make your very own?
here is a quick paypal link if youd like the pattern. its 5.50usd.

oooh also.. here is the quick fox hiding in the shed.
this is the only picture that wasnt so blurry ♥

*shy* xoxo

Thursday, 9 September 2010

ghosts in nests, the fox & dolphin searching

this is one of my favorite nests. it has a little porcelain doll inside,
an owl talon, quartz crystals, and a wee bird from my grandma.

itty mittens. never even got bought. well... til me i guess.

the ladies' field club of york. by j morgan puett. all printed into frames.
i absolutely couldnt fathom not printing these. they are deeply inspired.

all things will face you. eye to eye. just like the little fox in my garden this morning that looked me right in the face before he climbed into my shed like he owned the place. i tried desperately to photograph him to no avail as he was too quick. and he looked SO well. his coat so red. his eyes so bright... but cunning and plucky! to waltz into my shed! we must have left the door open accidentally the other day. you know hes still in there too that cheeky little cur. probably painting the place.

you will always see what you look for. its best to look for dolphins.
even when you are in the middle of a lake. it will keep you hopeful.

we have been playing a few shows with heidi spencer around london. she is a dear friend of mine and a fantastic singer. i have been on the lap steel guitar! id never played it before but we had one in the shed so we got it out. (thats when we left the door open) luckily for mr. fox im pretty good on the lap steel or he wouldnt have free rent ♥

Friday, 3 September 2010

mice castles & the kitten in the flower box

yay finally a home i can keep all of my imaginary mice in!

its ok. they will fit. my imaginary mice are only 2cm long.
they are white and twiddle their whiskers when they smell biscuits.

the little birds on the roof dont eat mice. they eat seeds or grapes.

the other day ruby was in the window and it reminded me of something.

this was my very first book. its about a little white kitten who is lost. everyone tells the kitten to scat. but in the end a little girl named rosey runabout finds the kitten in her flower box and takes her in to say. she pushes her around in a blue baby carriage and they live so happily that roseys braids nearly stick straight up into the air. i read this book a thousand times and must have made some sort of sub-conscious wish.
yes, ill have one white kitten in a flower box please, thank you.

ill take you in! if it mews, ive got a saucer at the ready.

or, maybe a cupcake or two. no ruby didnt eat these. she only sniffed.

i have lots of relief just now. i finally finished the 2 patterns and article for yarn forward magazine and sent it all in yesterday. i honestly think that i did more work for that deadline than i did for my masters degree. it was nutty and made me a little mental. but i cant wait for the patterns to come out cause if i may say so... they are freakin cute. the second half of my relief is as follows: the mysterious and horrid pain i have been having in my chest for 3 months finally turns out to be just inflamed rib muscles! it can take months to heal. i thought i was at the end of my rope but seems i may have a little more time on the blue planet. i am trying to make the best of it. honestly. but its hard sometimes isnt it? thank god i found a....

spinning wheel!!!!!! it was at the charity shop down the road. its an ashford traditional and is good for beginners like me. i have already spun 2 skeins with the fiber that i had lying around the house. i was shocked at myself that as a non-spinner i had 4 bags of fleece at the ready. ? it seemed strange to everyone including me. i learned how to spin on you tube and then sat down at the wheel. i spun it fine-ish so it would take longer. im afraid its all gone down another rabbit hole.

lamby and roo keep nibbling on it. ive walked in to find bits of fuzzy alpaca fleece sticking out of rubys mouth so it looks like she has a beard. you may wonder whats up with lamby and why he doesnt visit here very often. lamby is his own cat. he has a job in the city now and really cant be bothered hanging around the house much. when he is at work he has a lot of filing to do so by the time he comes home, he just takes off his purple suit and gets in his basket.
also, dont touch his paws. ever.

one more thing: after i spun up all of my white alpaca/silk, i switched to some sort of brown alpaca i had. heather came over and i was teaching her how to spin with it. however, it is ungodly. it looks and feels like real human hair. it is so ick it literally feels like a dirty fourth grade girl cut of her big brown danky pony tail and handed it to me. heather said it looks like it came out of the drain. i thought what can i even make with it, slippers? no! then it would look like i kicked someone in the face and was walking on the back of their head. i can not stop laughing about this and promise to pick up some more downy alpaca as soon as i am able.