Tuesday, 31 March 2009

secret (i have 3 white cats not 2)

chloe (lamby and roo's older sissy)
has to live with my parents
because she is too freaked
around dogs. it makes me
sad, but she has told me
that shed rather that.
she is purring.
shes fine.

ive been up all day and all night
writing songs for our new band snowbird
as of this morning we only had one!
(and a tour starting on april 14th or something?)
i JUST finished lyrics and melody for another one.
guess that means we need to write like 5 more this week.

insane i know.
but im delirious with freedom over it.
im finally writing for me and only me.
im being as honest with my true nature as possible.
its easy now because im hiding behind a bird
and that bird is helping me say whatever i want.
and i dont have to apologize anymore to the
people who tell me what i should be saying.
i can finally tell them to suck a turd.

Monday, 30 March 2009

magic hazy vanity mirror

this is my magic mirror
it has to stay in carolina
because i cant fit it on the plane
but i really do feel half a person without it.

because of this hazy mirror
i wore too much lipstick for 10 years.
and i never really noticed my wrinkles.
thats part of the goodness of a hazy mirror.
friends should be like hazy mirrors
that never ever show you your faults.

i had a little white fish that lived
in a giant bowl on this vanity.
she lived for 10 whole years.
i buried her the week before
i left springfield for good.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

my garden by petal

petal was staying at my house in
england to take care of lamby and roo.
she took this picture of my garden
while she was there...
it has made me homesick.
i think we moved into that
house for the garden.
it curls back around
to a greenhouse
and fishpond.

the big tree is an apple tree!
and the entire back wall is
lined with yummy grapes.
i missed last summer there
because i was on tour.
but this summer i plan to
not miss a single minute.

im in carolina now...
partly going crazy
for various reasons.
i bought chocolate coffee.
they dont have flavored coffee in england
which almost makes the island uninhabitable.
but i stock up every time im here and smuggle.
im working on my fairy deck,
and getting up early enough to
see the little bluebird family
living in the front yard.

Friday, 27 March 2009

crystal magic ball

today i found the most lovely pale blue crystal ball.
it has a 7 pointed fairy star flower inside.
i see little people in there,
lambs and clouds,
horses and pearls,
ice caps and dolphins,
and tiny antique dolls,
all frozen in time.

oh and i got my fingers and toes painted teal.

the moon fairy & the little white horse

im reading *the little white horse* right now.
i love the description of her room:

the turret stairs ended at a door so small that a large
grown-up could not possibly have got through it.
but for a slim girl of thirteen it was exactly right.
maria stopped and gazed at it with a beating heart,
for though this little narrow, low door was obviously
hundreds of years old, yet she felt as though it had
been made especially for her, for if she had been
able to choose her own door, this was the door she
would have chosen. it was more like a front door
than a bedroom door, like the door of her very own
house. it was of silvery grey oak studded with silver
nails and it had a knocker made of the smallest daintiest
horseshoe maria had ever seen, polished so brightly that
it shone like sliver... the door was opened by a silver latch
that clicked in a friendly sort of way when maria lifted it, as
though it was welcoming her.

she went in,
latched the door behind her,
put her candle carefully down on the floor, leaned
back against the door and gazed and gazed, with her lips
parted and her unusually pale face glowing like a pink rose,
and her eyes like stars. no pen could possibly do justice
to the exquisite charm and beauty of marias room.

it was at the top of the tower,
and the tower was a round one, so marias room was circular,
neither too large nor too small, just the right size for a
girl of thirteen. it had three windows, two narrow lancet
windows and one large one with a window-seat in the
thickness of the wall. the curtains had not been drawn
across the windows, and through the same could see
the stars. in each of the windows stood beautiful silver
branched candlesticks with three lighted candles
burning in each of them.

the ceiling was vaulted and delicate ribbings of stone
curved over marias head like the branches of a tree,
meeting at the highest point of the ceiling in a carved
representation of a sickle moon surrounded by stars.
there was no carpet on the silvery-oak floor, but a
little white sheepskin rug lay beside the bed, so that
marias bare toes should meet something warm
and soft when they went floorwards of a morning.
the bed was a little four-poster hung with pale blue
silk curtains embroidered with silver stars,
of the same material as the window curtains,
and spread with a patchwork quilt made of exquisite
squares of velvet and silk of all colours of the rainbow.

there was little furniture in the room,
just a couple of silvery-oak chests for her clothes,
a small round mirror hung upon the wall above one of them
and a stool with a silver ewer and basin upon it.
it had a tiny fireplace deeply recessed in the wall
and was enough for the fire of pine-cones and
apple wood that burned in it, filling the room
with fragrance. but when maria started to explore
her room she found that it was not without luxuries.
over the fireplace was a shelf and on it stood a
blue wooden box filled with dainty biscuits
with sugar flowers on them, in case she should feel
hungry between meals. and beside the fireplace
stood a big basket filled with more logs and pine-cones...
enough to keep her fire burning all through the night.
it was perfect.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

a fairy ring

this is a fairy ring we found in the forest in wales
i didnt step inside because doing that can be dire.
i have been learning this week... i am in texas still.
i am learning from the desert about
barrenness... about protection and clarity.
the desert has its own magic...
ghosty white stags and fire
so hot it makes you pure,
but i am missing the green.

my lizzie works at a bookstore
and i have been at work with her every single day.
all day.
i sit in a huge green leather chair and pour over
every book i can get my hands on.. i read about
fiber and ghosts. magic wands and fairies.
psychics and animals. mystics and travel.
energy and matter. space and time.

lots of little girls and their moms come in
to look at the twilight books... and the
big beautiful posters of the movie cast.
they get a dazed look in their eyes when
they slowly walk past my chair and up
the aisle to worship before the twilight shrine.
it becomes holy and illuminated for them.
i find the energy of their adoration palpable and
it throngs in the air so consistently!
i wonder if the entire collective unconscious is
being shifted by little girls in love with edward!
if its an easy train to hop now because its common.

like the theory of the 100th monkey.
where a monkey learns to rinse the sand off his fruit
and then other monkeys observe this and copy him.
by the time the 100th monkey learns this trick
its part of collective instinctual knowledge
and monkeys on other islands begin to
wash their fruit in the same way
seemingly out of the blue.
well, i aint no monkey bitch.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

puff the magic dragon and the cupcake van

here in austin texas its sunny and breezy
it seems like the easiest and best thing
to do here is find a place to sit around.

this is the cupcake van.
somehow when you have
a cupcake from here, all
you want to do is have
another cupcake the
the next day.

there was a man sitting outside it singing
"puff the magic dragon" into a little speaker.
and it was all frosting and cowboy boots
cotton candy dragons and western shirts.
every time i come here i never want to leave.

Monday, 16 March 2009

denton texas

we are in denton today with midlake :)
later on we are going to get to hear
some tracks from the new album
they are working on...
and im beside myself with glee.
this is a little clip of us playing
quite some time ago.
i love the blue light
it looks like we
are swimming
in the ocean.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

let me call you sweetheart

the ribbons on my favorite pale pink
vintage camisole got torn in the wash today.
i threw it down on my basket..
i was kind of pretending to be mad.
i dont really get mad that much.
so when something happens that
i should be mad about, sometimes i pretend im mad
when im really not... i play angry just for my own fun.
just for a minute... and then i laugh.
and thats just part of my crazy.

all week has been mental with studio work
so today i just played piano for an hour an a half
and i couldnt do very much after that.

my dreams were haunting me.
the queen of hearts made her appearance again
always wreaking destruction and reigning in havoc.
all i can do is love her. thats the only way she disappears.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

lottie lottie counting sheep

i found this little lottie doll on ebay and i love her.
this is part of her story:

little lottie cant sleep.
the moon is full so she goes
to her window to count the sheep.
on nights like this, all the sheep in her
field look like clouds in a dark sky.
she wants to go outside and play,
but darkness swallows little girls
so she will have to wait for now.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

oooooh fancy. are you a ballerina?

these are some little skirts i made out of vintage fabric.
i put a little snowbird on one of them because my new
band is called snowbird... we just booked a little tour
of the UK for april with loney, dear... yay fancy.

Monday, 9 March 2009

lazy summer at the lorraine

here is a picture of my old bedroom at the lorraine
lizzie lived across the hall and she would come and
knock on my door like a crazed chipmunk...
i always let her in.. cause i have a thing for chipmunks.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

baby wher dat dawwg come from?

today we went to the seaside...
i couldnt really appreciate it because
the wind ripped our faces off.
it was brilliant all day and then
right after this picture it began to pour!
im desperate for the sea.
but i settled for soup
from a thermos
in the car.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

marie antoinette & virginia woolf

from: i heart sophia

this is from the book i am reading now
"the waves" by virginia woolf
every single line is like a ringing sigh
i can barely pick out a line.. as every word
in 200 pages is better than the next...
ill just take the next few words i am to read.
the insane and inexorable poetry of her!

come then, let us wander whirling to the gilt chairs.
the body is stronger than i thought.
i am dizzier than i supposed.
i do not care for anything in the world.
are we not acceptable moon?
are we not lovely sitting together here,
i in my satin; he in black and white.
crowding, lke a fluttering bird,
one sentence crosses the empty space between us.
it settles on his lips. i fill my glass again. i drink.
the veil drops between us. i am admitted to the
warmth and privacy of another soul. we are together,
high up, on some alpine pass. he stands melancholy
on the crest of the road. i stoop. i pick a blue flower
and fix it, standing on tiptoe to reach him, in his coat
there! that is my moment of ecstasy. now it is over.

Friday, 6 March 2009

wings wings wings wings wings wings wings wings not everybody has them but everybody should

these are some costumes i snapped with my phone
when we went to la bayadère... there are big glass
cases in the cafe bit... and i was clawing over
a lady who was eating a scone to get the pictures.

i went to record some backing tracks
for the chemical brothers yesterday...
really lovely people .. and the songs
are sounding brilliant and full of positive
energy and high vibrations... im not
sure if my parts will get used but i hope so.

i found this soundtrack at my local charity this week

and its on heavy rotation. EXCEPT for the
male arias. tenors get on my nerves.
other than that its all the fairy bits
in my head all at once... dreamy.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

she of the waves

everything changes...
so its best to stay tiny...
then you can go with the flow...
like undine.. the little water sprite.
ive been hunting a copy of *undine* with this cover
ever since i first saw it here
where i read it for the first time.
jo reads this book in little women. cute.
i found it on ebay and held my breath till it made it overseas.
funny that this little mermaid book
had to fly through the air to get to me.