Tuesday, 29 September 2009

a midsummer night's tricks & pardons

♥ oh mia farrow is still absolutely perfect ♥

we have been on a woody allen kick..... so far
deSPITE what i find to be a gruesome title,
i think midsummer night's sex comedy
has been my favourite! so lovely!
is hazy 70's victorian hilarity..
its been a long time since
ive watched a movie for
the first time and then
immediately pressed
play again ♥

Monday, 28 September 2009

milk moth neverland

the most pale.

when you see your very own lace
in your very own waiting window,
you know that a cup of tea in
your very own fluffy chair
is just around the corner.

i am staying up late tonight and working
on a sweater that i have been knitting
for quite some time. size 3 needles
are the essence of slowness.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

little owls and faces in the rocks

i may have been lost to the sea and the wind this week
but my heart remains in the prairie, forest and wood.

these were my holiday sounds and reads.
i needed them to keep me grounded!
the sea air can have such a dizzying
effect on me....water so changeable
and wind so free....they seem to be
able to dissolve my earth essence.

water wears down rock and wood
wind makes waves in the sand.
and me... with my home at the
base of a great sequoia tree,

my cheeks tingle and i have
to think on roots and stones.

i will be home soon.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

la vache qui rit et too much candy

we have a cheese in england called "the laughing cow"
here we bought it and its called "la vache qui rit"
so thats all we are saying. turns out you can
just say "la vache qui rit" and it means
absolutely anything you want it to.

we have also been watching
french cartoons all day!
and speaking horrible
french about la vache
et how he makes his
fromage. and why
he would be
heh heh MOOoo hea ha ha ha ha moooooo!

Too much candy from Capucha on Vimeo.

isnt this little petal the funniest & cutest ever ♥

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

to see the sea & the purple rose of cairo

we are in corsica

ive been looking for dolphins all day long

the rug in this house is made of a million tiny ropes.
there are big windows that open into the walls all around
so the breeze is coming in and the curtains are moving which
is my very favourite thing. we put all of the mattresses from all
of the rooms in the middle of the floor so we can watch them better.
and jump around like total idiots ♥

Saturday, 19 September 2009

little baby on the acorn moon

i like when people put little baby heads inside of wool
and then top it with an acorn. thats just something i like.
you arent really born knowing that you like that sort of thing.
its something that occurs to you over time. or when you see one.

we are leaving for corsica at 3 in the morning.
i really want to get some rest.. but im all buzzy
and cant wait to get to the villa and do just nothing.
lamby and roo have a lovely cat-sitter. so i wont worry.
much. i hope to be able to chat from there.. but im not sure yet.

Friday, 18 September 2009

charlotte & stars

i found these little jars in my shed. i painted the corks white.

i dusted them off and put charlotte inside with some stars.
the littlest jar has a knitted white mouse inside.
i made him in australia. he has nylon
whiskers and silver eyes.
all the better to see
you with my dear.

i just found out petal and i are going to whitby
again this year! im so excited because halloween
is the very best most favouritest holiday there is ♥

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

all of these underwater conversations

i used to talk too much. now i like other people to talk.

lately i have been surrounded by very quiet people.

i wonder about the silence.

about what is being thought.

about the things people are saying that i cant hear.

im putting rabbit ears on invisible friends for better reception.

listening to what is not being said... i suspect im getting it all wrong.

the truth is... i cant control what anyone else thinks.
i can only control me.. and what i do with the silence.
its a strange lesson... for a violin string unstrung like me.

Monday, 14 September 2009

totem animals: dolphin, lion & robert smith

last night i had a dream that i had a
tiny tiny mouse the size of a dime.
i kept it in my make-up case.
for some reason though
there were other girls
there, and they told
me my mouse
was generic.

i would never tell my mouse that they said that.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

ruby and the pony

my little neighbor girls ruby and rosie
were having a garage sale today.
i always buy stuff from them.
i come home with sparkly
nail polish, plastic rings
and pink feather pens
about every weekend.

today they had a white pony
for sale. it cost one pound.
because im such a good
customer they threw
in a barbie for free.
ruby likes it.
kind of.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

we and our kelpie horses see you as a king

we collect colored taffy and wear birds as rings.

shhhhhh we are behind the curtain. we arent a monster.

some ghosts have tails... i love toddy my angel cat forever.

we and our kelpie horses are going to tokyo i think.

certain stars shot wildly from their spheres at the thought.

these are some pages from an old sketch book
i was making during the recording of my album
*a lily for the spectre* ... they are from 2006.

mojo magazine is re-releasing pink floyd the wall
so i have been busy in the studio working
on ♥ goodbye blue sky ♥ for it.
i have been quite nervous that i wont do
it justice.. because pink floyd is really
one of my favourite bands ever.
im playing the piano on it.
hopefully it will be ok...

Monday, 7 September 2009

magic chalice fairy goblet & holy grail

ooo i found this little fairy goblet... it looks like it has a crown!

its sooooo good when you put cold pear juice in it

and drink it during magic times to bring you back to earth.

i took these pictures yesterday when i was wearing my tablecloth.
today i wore fancy pjs with long stockings. i stayed in bed all day
and drank coffee and read. ooooooooh lazy! shame! sin! glory!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

belgian lace and the panserbjørne

ahoy! i am kind of out of bed. kind of!

i am wearing a belgian lace tablecloth as a scarf.

i just got it this week ♥ ebay ♥ its kind of ralph lauren.

today ive been playing with the panserbjørne in the golden compass
video game for playstation 3. its really fun. you get to ride on his
back and travel over the tundra. i love the sound the snow
makes when my panserbjørne crunches it under his paws.
sometimes he slides and causes avalanches on the wolves.

so thats my other secret: im a total video game JUNKIE.
if i can swim, fly or run through castles and snow
in a video game i will buy it and play it all day.
ive saved all of the princesses that
were ever locked up and id do it
again and again and again.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

apples, grapes and or paul mccartney

today i spent some time in my secret garden.

they are coming to prune our apple tree this week.

there are two big red apples that just wont fall.. see them?

under the arches past the frog pond its a tea-party place.

if i sit really still, the trees say all sorts of things.

and little grapes hang on for the end of summer.

id like to put them in a big basket and share them.

tonight we watched a beatles documentary.
one time i was in london alone on the rooftop
sitting at a table. a man came up behind me and
started chatting about singing... life and hometowns.
it was paul mccartney. he asked my name... but didnt tell
me his... i guess he figured i knew it. he was really silly and
really sweet. that was one of the most surreal moments in my
whole entire life. im thankful that he said hello. ill never forget it.

Friday, 4 September 2009

some twirling and to celebrate the magic shop

i had the new york ballet work out DVD on
my amazon list. and low and behold i found
it NEW for a pound at my magical charity shop!

i have to talk about this shop. its a holy wonder.
its right down from my house.. and no matter
what im secretly wishing for... they have it.
from my dollhouse to my strand of pearls.
from my ballerina box, to my fairy goblet.
the wings on the back of my door,
most of my crystal balls and
the netting for my fairy
skirts and nearly all
of my fur collars
came from the
magic charity.

its like the place is
aladdins lamp or a birthday candle.
a magic cupboard or a wishing well.
a tooth fairy or a frozen charlotte.

i asked joyce about this phenomenon
am i the only one? (one time i went in
there looking for black and white
striped fabric and a glass head
to make cats & hats for whitby
gothic fair.. and there they were!

she said im not the only one.
"people just seem to find
exactly what they were
looking for in here.
its almost eerie"

i just wanted to say thanks
to my magic shop.. and
thanks to joyce for the
discounts :) heh heh

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

bed rest & the ten of cups

here i am on tour in a hazy yesterday-ish
sort of hello kitty meets rest stop blur.
im on bed rest today so.. its time to do the
10 things people might not know about me post! ♥

♥ i share a birthday with florence nightingale.

♥ when we were little,
our tv only had 4 channels.
and no remote.

♥ i never had a barbie doll.
i had kelly from charlies angels.
(the original series) and the van.

♥ i used to work at a knitting store
and teach people how to knit
sweaters, socks, and hats.

♥ my favourite band is cocteau twins
(not just because my boyfriend was in the band!)
its always been my very favourite ever.
i think its the most perfect music there is.
may i suggest four calendar-cafe :)

♥my first kiss was on my 13th birthday
with a bastard who kissed my best
friend the next week.

♥ during the summer, i would always
play the piano at about 5 pm.. because the
sun would pass through the water in our fish tank
and cast a long perfect rainbow down the keys.

♥ my magic wand has a little knot in the tip that
resembles an owl so perfectly youd think it was
carved by a pixie. i had it for 2 years before i even saw it!
i love how time reveals magic things every single day.

♥ quite often i have dreams about ballerinas,
swimming with dolphins or cuddling lions.

♥ my house smells really woodsy and nice and people always want to know how i do it. about once every few weeks i take cotton balls and drench them in patchouly, lavender, cypress, cedar wood, sandalwood, neroli, tea tree and violet oils. (not all together.. but in little combinations) then i run the cotton over every door and door frame along the wood, especially by the front door, go underneath every table, on the bottom sides of all the book shelves, underneath every wooden place i can find. the bed, the shelves, the railings, the rafters, the banisters, in the dresser drawers, under along the couches and chairs, on every light bulb, on the radiators, and the air vents, the fan, and even on the tops & backs of picture frames. then i put the cotton balls in the dryer when i dry my towels. im a total incense snob! i hate the heavy smell of it and only burn morning star cedarwood which smells exactly like a campfire. i do this inside my bookshelves because it makes them smell like magic. i also burn sage and pine cones by the handful! its one of my secrets and i always feel really ritualistic while im doing it! sometimes when people ask me why my house smells so good i cant even begin to tell them all this insanity so i just say.. i dont know! ha ha ha! i already have enough to explain with all of the trees inside and the little ghost dolls and strange books everywhere.
ps. be careful about doing this on painted surfaces or in visible places
because the oil will take off the finish.. thats why i do it under stuff ♥

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

fever dreamers

yesterday i had a bad fever.
all of the crystals and butterflies
were making kaleidoscopes in my head.
i used to sit back in the quiet and feel the
universe conspire against me sometimes. but
this morning, i felt the universe love me. i had
grandmothers by my side, and little roo here who
never ever left me. she purred me back to my health.
and now shed like a tuna sandwich. its the least i can do.