Monday, 11 October 2010

little cupcake kitten hat

a little cupcake kitten hat is the perfect thing
to wear when having tea & cakes.

and cakes ♥

and cakes ♥

and cakes ♥

and just maybe one more cake ♥

i got the inspiration for the fabric from the little
victorian puppet i found at the antique fair.

roses & stripes

the pattern chart included is for 2 flavors:

strawberry & chocolate

i like both flavors :)

pattern info:
available in 2 sizes:
adult - 22” circumference head
child - 18.5” circumference head

adult yarn requirements:
2 balls MC
1 ball each CC (6 colors including stripy ears)

child yarn requirements:
1 ball MC
1 ball each CC (6 colors including stripy ears)

i used jamieson’s shetland spindrift (fingering/4-ply)

you can get the knitting pattern here for 5.50 USD
note: *this is a KNITTING PATTERN* (not the actual hat k?)
(the link will take you to paypal and then a
PDF will be emailed to you right away :)
stephanie xoxo

oh ps wanna see the little puppet? it made my heart skip a beat when i saw it. it was sitting on a table at the fair in the rain being totally ignored. the woman sold it to me for a fiver and looked at me like she couldnt wait to get rid of it. i loved it so much i kissed the creepy thing right on the spot. (and then made this hat in homage)

dont you want to KISS it!?

Sunday, 10 October 2010


i was trying to take photos for another pattern yesterday
and lamby and roo were desperate to get in every shot ♥
for some reason it reminds me of before sunset when julie delpy
pics up her kitty and says "i love my keeeeeeeety"
i love it when she says that ♥