Thursday, 31 March 2011

petals & mist

i listened to evi vine in the car today.
by the end of song one i had turned
into a fairy. mint green skin and
magnolias for hair, my right wing
trailed out the window as i drove.
by the end of song four i found
myself transported. my fingers
disappeared and up my arms
until i was only petals & mist.

yes i know that is not very
good when you are driving.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Thursday, 24 March 2011

grimm's cottage, catching butterflies & mr. fox

we are going to grimm's cottage to hear stories ♥

snow white rose red cinderella the glass coffin ♥

we listen all night and put logs on the fire ♥

we dream of the woods and girls in capes and snow ♥

then we smile and sigh and hold hands under the blankets ♥
grimm's cottage capelet and gauntlet set
to download the knitting pattern click *here* 5.50 USD

wheee yippee these are the mitts that were in yarn forward mag #35

they make catching butterflies really easy and friendly ♥

catching butterflies mitts
pattern available in yarn forward magazine issue 35 *virtual copy here*

then finally this little foxy stole my heart ♥

i didnt mind giving it to him in the end. he is kinda hot.
this is the other pattern that was featured in YF #35 ♥
mr. fox stole my heart
pattern available in yarn forward magazine issue 35 *virtual copy here*

im on my way to grimm's cottage now but if i dont make it there,
please ask the wolves. they will know where i am ♥

Friday, 4 March 2011

forget-me-not and ships & seaside

lets wander the wild gardens after tea ♥

we will run through the labyrinths and trees ♥

we will hunt snowdrops until the sun goes down,

and wait for the cricket chorus to begin ♥

we have ships to count,

and beehive secrets to keep.

wool to spin,

and ponies to name.

and then when we are finally at home,

we will dream in striped linen,

and hang wreaths of blue roses on our cottage door ♥

i have been busy ♥ writing lots of patterns.
and finally! the yarn forward magazine came out.
i am so pleased with the way the patterns look inside ♥

also the studio doors have been swinging and the mixing
of our first snowbird record is almost complete. ♥
im feeling better.. finally.. the way it sounds just now..

forget-me-not (blue ruffle crochet collar)
$5.50 USD download crochet pattern now

ships & seaside (stripey mohair cowl)
$5.50 USD download knitting pattern now

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