Thursday, 13 August 2009

she eats ballerinas for breakfast

can you imagine a cereal with little ballerinas in it?
it would be strawberry flavoured and you could
crunch the pink tiaras, tutus and shoes.

yesterday on my way to ballerina
the tube got stuck right outside
kew gardens. as i sat in the
train car with 2 weird men
i wished i had something
to read or listen to.
i had nothing.
forgot my book
and my ipod ran out.

i got off at the next station
missed ballerina completely
and bought a pale pink copy of W
from a little indian man who told
me that the world doesnt smile
enough.. i agreed. and then
fell in love with this picture
of lara stone wearing a pink
chanel silk and organza cape.


Anonymous said...

that picture is ever so beautiful ♥

a mouse said...

she is really so gorgeous.
the article said she was
about to give up modeling
when she got her big break
so... dont give up stuff i guess :)

Pandora said...

The ceral sounds yummy. That sweater/dress/cape would look wonderful on you.

a mouse said...

ooh i wish i could find some
material worthy of it!
the sweater too
is cashmere and mohair
id LOVE one.
too bad i dont have 3 grand
lying around :(

malin said...

In Sweden we actually have "Ballerina" cookies. It´s a chocolate cookie, and a vanilla cookie with a hole and nougat cream in between, and they are really good. Not as pretty as your ballerina cereal would be though...

That photo is gorgeous! I´m sure you can find beautiful yarn without breaking your piggy bank! Maybe something with angora and alpaca and wool?

PinkBow said...

oh i love these little thoughts :) she is amazing - her style is very you!

a mouse said...

isnt she gorgeous!
id probably pass out
if i had that cape ;)

SolarSoda said...

This is one of the many reasons I love your blog - Ballerin-O's! I would totally buy a box and eat them for breakfast. Or just pour a bowl and admire them.

I might just settle for some of those Swedish cookies though. :)

Bless you for bringing a dose of girly beauty into my life! :-D

Pandora said...

I bet you could make something very similar to it. You do a great job at cool sweaters. I love your snake sweater.

a mouse said...

thanks! i was working on the pattern
for that today and its doing my head
totally in. i really need to get it up
and its stressssssing me.!
um.. i think ill do something
else :) heh heh.. really
i am the worst procrastinator!!!

solar soda i wish we had some ballerin-Os right now! :D

Eliza said...

i always love your posts dear :)

the man was right indeed, the world doesn't smile enough. i loved the picture too, so fairy-like <3

*Valentine* said...

Adorable, as usual...

SolarSoda said...

No, dearheart, you will have to compete with me for worst procrastinator awards! :-)

Lara said...

i love that outfit she's wearing too and the covershoot photo is pretty dreamy too! :) oh yeah, i would be completely sold on ballerina cereal.. perfect!

annA said...

if u do eat ballerinas for breakfast, please check out my ballerinashoes-bag that i make and sell on my little webshop. maybe it could work for supper? (:

i really like ur beautiful blogg!