Saturday, 30 January 2010

magic treetop bag

i am so inspired by fairysteps that i knitted a bag
sort of like the beautiful ones that she makes.
i adore her. check out her blog and pick up
a bag. i have the red skim bag and i love it!
here is a link to the knitting pattern if you like ♥

Saturday, 23 January 2010

woodland horses dream

when woodland horses breathe the steam makes little clouds.

im working in dark wool with bears and horses.
the day is ready for some tree time.

i often ask trees questions. do you?
what kind of questions do you ask?

Thursday, 14 January 2010

wild rumpus start

ah! i know ive posted so many pictures of this.. but
here it is finally done! ♥ ♥ ♥ ah!!!! this is such a
relief. it feels like everything that could have
gone wrong with the project did. i mean. i
had to do the whole thing over and over.
every time i began i had to rip, then my
google docs got all messed up, then i
was out of room on my flickr. then
ravelry wouldnt accept my new
account... anyway. i feel like
causing a ruckus now that
its done. i think ill go in
the garden and jump
around ♥

ps. look how jealous lamby is!
he was SO mad that i was petting the dog.
he almost looks stuffed. he better watch out or he will be :)

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

max hat & crown part deux

the jumper is done.. as well as the new crown. yay!
the pattern is also completely finished... i just
need to take some proper photos in the light
tomorrow before i put the pattern up.
its hard to take a picture of your own
self. i always need help ♥
also: i made a matching hat see?
and: here is a high-res of this picture for your desktop :) just click it ♥

i had to go to the doctor today
because i pulled my rib muscles
from laughing so hard at a show
i watched on youtube. dont ask
me what it was im too
embarrassed to say.
no, wait.
it gets more embarrassing.
i had to take a pee test at the dr
and he tested it in the room and
he accidentally knocked over the
pee all over himself and the floor.
oh yes. come on 2010.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

max & the wolf

im sooooooooo close to being finished with this mammoth project ♥
i had the idea as soon as i saw the first trailer, and its taken AGES
to get the shape and size of the sweater right.. i am making it
up as i go along so ive had to re-knit the arms twice and
sew them in several different times. im not used to
knitting something so baggy...
tonight i finished the ears ♥
they stand up on their own and everything!
ill post a picture of them soon.
but! i must re-knit this crown because the points
are a bit too long i think? grrr....all this aside...
i should have the pattern up for sale on my
ravelry shop sometime this weekend!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

the night we saw the blue moon

look up.. its the blue moon on new years ♥

we walked to the park and stood in the middle of a field

to see the fireworks making electric lights all around us.

it was blue and icy... and we were all alone.

ever since that day... dimes have been appearing out of thin air

pennies have been landing right side up

ghosts have been twirling ribbons in the garden

and snow pom poms have been landing on my mittens ♥