Wednesday, 29 December 2010

wrapped in white dresses

we are tucking down into the down down feather nest today.

it is so cold the wind blows through the barn & up to the attic.

i found some little white kittens in a nice pot for my bone hooks.

they keep an eye on things. they want me to knit mice. only mice!

we only will work with cotton though so the lambs stay warm.

still we climb stairs up to the attic. so high we can see chimneys.

dust dust white dust snow. we hide & stay wrapped in white dresses.

Friday, 10 December 2010

sweet robins & baby lambs

little cranky lambs! it must be nap & apple time!

ive been knitting lots of wrist-ees.

in my new magic attic!

thats right we moved ♥ and were finally all settled in

turns out... there is a magic attic! ♥

ive set it all up so its half music studio & half knitting studio

all of the wool muffles the sound which is good for recording.

if you want to try knitting these patterns you can go to my
*etsy store*
or click for an instant PDF download below:
sweet robin wrist-ees KNITTING PATTERN
baby lamb cuffs KNITTING PATTERN