Wednesday, 28 October 2009

indigo girls tour diary

ya all ya all ya all ♥ .................................. thats me! ^
this is the indigo girls tour diary.
at 2:40 i am there! and we are all 3 singing together..
one of the coolest moments probably in my entire life.
of course.. it was the first show i sang with them
so its a little iffy.. and i miss some words on stage!
but its getting better night by night... now im also
singing "closer to fine" and "galeleo" with them!
we play dublin tomorrow and then
its back home and back to normal ♥

ps. if you think you cant see emily
well enough.. you can see her in
the mirror :) heh heh heh

Thursday, 15 October 2009

fringe & wings

ive been a busy sewing bee for the past 2 days
i wanted to make some new fairy skirts for tour.. like you do.
ill post some pictures when the light is better.
and tonight i cut my bangs a little bit
so they are a little shorter... like you
can even tell in this photo.. but
you can see my weird freckle
which is on my nose. which
i would like to ask
about when i

and then i was getting something out of my closet when
somehow a feather embedded itself into my arm-warmer.
i stuck one in the other side too
& thought they looked a bit like wings...
i sort of flapped around my room after that ♥

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

even if alice ate 100 current cakes

she would still look up to gatsby

because he is so great.
at least thats what they say.

today i had a long chat with ciara
we talked a lot about *one time one meeting*
really.. its silly to waste these moments thinking
about it all too much... or worrying with nervousness.
its best just to let time roll and appreciate every tick and tock.

id like to have a grandfather clock.
i think the ticking and tocking would be reassuring.
it wouldnt stop. or pause. ever.
you can really count on a clock.

Monday, 12 October 2009

the white fairy and hare

♥ this week i was lucky enough to drift near one
of the lovely joanne may's enchanted drawings!
she captures all sorts of magic in her work.
check it out *here*
and thanks jo ♥

we had some freaky moments too!
when i was in france, i was visited
by so many white moths it became
absurd... all the while it seems jo
was busy in her studio putting
white moths in the drawing.
plus.. i have a wand just
the same size and look
as the one she drew!
ill post pictures soon ♥

Sunday, 11 October 2009

when we carve pumpkins

i get really excited about the fact
that alllll that seedy orange pulp is
growing in secret darkness...
and i get to be the one to expose
it to the light for the very first time.

right now... the inside
of your pumpkin isnt even orange... its black.
just like your blood and your heart.
things only turn colors when light
is shed on them and they are seen.
really and truly seen.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

have to believe we are magic

here she is walking down the aisles of my heart in 1980.

when doctors found out that there was a little tiny olivia
dancing in shorts and white cowboy boots inside of me
they just sort of shrugged... "it is very rare." they said,
"but to try to remove it now would be very dangerous."
so they just shot a quick video and left her inside me ♥
no, ive never minded one bit.
its a very good thing
to believe indeed.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

if i had a castle i would paint it powder blue

and add glitter on the doors.
then everyone who came in
would get glitter on their
hands.. and when they
rubbed their noses,
their faces would
sparkle in the

wellllllll... its back on the bus y'all for me.
!!! *** im going! *** ♥ ♥ ♥ !!! ***
i've been invited on the bus!
i really cant fathom it.
i hope i can be myself
and still be fun to be
around... i want to
bring my joy with
me and give it to
everyone for a
good tour.

THIS TIME... im going to live INSIDE of life instead of on top.
THIS TIME... im going to allow everything... let moments be.
THIS TIME... im going to remember that im just a human.
THIS TIME... i wont try to be perfect... nobody is perfect.
THIS TIME... im going to relax... a bit... thats if i can :)

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

by candlelight & cobweb you lure the bats

we got the midlake album today
its like a labyrinth at midnight.
ive been wading through it
lit by candlelight only.
it comes out in
a little bit ♥

(i sang on one of the songs)
so this is the picture that
will be inside of the book.
i know i should play it cool
and not be excited to be
inside the book.. but i
reeeeeeeealllllly am.

simon took the picture ♥

pps. ive been invited to go on tour with the indigo girls
but as i dont really have a tour manager right now im
not sure if i can do it.. seeing as i would have to
get myself to all the gigs.. and basically tour
alone. as much as i adore them.. if i went
on tour alone i would probably get so
lonely that i would collapse inside
of myself and drown in despair.
i wouldnt know this for sure
unless id already been
there..... and i have.
its horrid. alone.

Monday, 5 October 2009

starfish in a jar

yesterday we went to brighton and sat on the beach.

the water was pale teal and the wind was cold.

we found some shells and starfish at a little shop by the water.
then we rode on the carousel... my horses name was lydia.
she showed her teeth to the sea as we went round & round.

i came home and put the biggest starfish in a glass vase.
i like this glass vase because it looks like water...
you can almost hear it rushing ♥

Friday, 2 October 2009

the swans in hampton court

today at hampton court palace
i found a swan feather by the river.
the swans may belong to the queen,
but now this feather belongs to me.
thanks swan ♥

i hung it above my favourite chair
along with some white pom poms
and a little lost ghost in lace.