Thursday, 31 December 2009

elsbeth & the blue moon

today is a blue moon because it is the second full moon in december.
today i heard on the radio about a 70 year old woman named elsbeth.

she has lived outside all month in cold england in a little shack.
she didnt want to go indoors from full moon to full moon.
she has a little fireplace and an alter in her shack.
she makes beads and wears them around her neck.

every night for the first 2 weeks, she would go outside
in the pitch black and plant a bead somewhere in the earth.
after the 14 days had passed, she began to search for the beads
in the ground. night after night. digging and looking.
finding new places of blackness in the night and
little white beads as the moon was waxing.
tomorrow she will go back inside the house ♥

i found the BBC iplayer with the whole program!
if you are in in the UK you can listen *here*
(i wish the interviewer had been more into it..
i think we would have heard much more)

picture: we ♥ it

Sunday, 20 December 2009

the wolf princess & the feather crown

i tied crystals around the necks of wolves in my dream.
they panted and ran ... the crystals caught the sun
and flashed like diamonds in cold grey fur.

i am knitting a crown today. with feathers hanging down.
everyone needs a crown. it should fit just right.
♥ im listening to peter and the wolf ♥

(press play here)
note: alas this is not my crown.. its from we ♥ it

Thursday, 17 December 2009

i look more like a tree now

hiding snow puff hide hide good.
the fish in my little pond
are ducking down under
the leaves to slow down
their heartbeats.
me too.

i am waking up very early these days
the windows are white and i make
coffee before my eyes open.
i have to go to the studio
by 3 so i want to have a
full day before that or
i feel wasted away.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

peter and the wolf

today it is snowing in my garden.
i am listening to peter and the wolf
and sewing together my latest jumper.
i have secretly dyed my hair brown a week ago.
here are some jumping beatrix potter animals ♥
cause its funny.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

winter trinkets, snowy elk & tree ghosts

we have a stream near our house that swans drift down.
(thats where i find my swan feathers. they float like boats)
the bank of the stream is lined with giant trees. some of them
are so old that they lean over and drag their branches into the water.

yesterday when i was walking molly i noticed
that two of the biggest trees had been cut down.
i brushed the wood chips away from their stumps,
then i stepped up onto them and made myself as tall
as i could. i stood very straight and still in their place.
it felt like i was inside the ghost of a tree.
i could even feel my arms and cheeks turning to wood.

then i collected some of the abandoned
branches and brought them home.
i pinned them to the ceiling and
hung little crystals from
the branches ♥

what is a sugar plum?
i definitely always thought i knew what one was.
but now im sure that i have absolutely no idea.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

owls owls owls in a tree


lamby took all of the owls out of their bowl!
one by one he dragged them all over the house.
bad kitty.
they are all safely in the tree now ♥
they are smaller than smurfs. (which are 3 apples tall)
they are only one apple tall ♥

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

pine branches & baskets of birds

sleepy eye owl here with these long dark nights.
they go on forever. i am in pjs by 7pm
because im positive it is midnight.

today we put up our tree and
hung pine branches with lights.
we set out little baskets of birds
and a big bowl of white owls.
i also got out my snoopy
christmas piano music
and played all night.
♥ christmas ♥

Saturday, 5 December 2009

will O the wisp

i knitted some wisps and then
i stuffed them into votive holders and shells.
they are happy little puffs. i know because
they tell jokes on their cigarette breaks.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Thursday, 3 December 2009

lulette & snow

lamby is licking the steam off of the windows
its better than any other drink he says
because its nice and cold.

i am going to be present
i am going to be here now
i will not scramble or be frantic
i will sink to the pinpoint of peace

its my choice :)

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

nanowrimo 2009

yay ♥ i did it! weeeeeee ♥ *nanowrimo 2009*
it was great to see the banner.
(even if it was orange) yuck.
orange horrifies me.
i had to change it to pink.
there is nothing orange in my house.
i wont even buy oranges. i like them ok
but i cant handle the color in my fridge.
i can only have orange pumpkins in
my house as i carve them. when i
set them out on the counter to
admire with the little candles
glowing inside, the color
upsets me so much i
have to take them
outside. sad.

the past 2 months have been
butterflies in a net frantic.
i just got back from my
america trip yesterday.
all should start to calm
♥ now
we are going to go to
stonehenge tomorrow
because my friend
shawna is visiting
from paris and
shes never been.
jet-lag and stonehenge just seem to go together.
dont you think?