Friday, 14 August 2009

foxglove & paper bears

this is a ruffly skirt i made with jacket lining and old lace.

today seemed a bit rocky.

like something was off.

like the ocean was rushing upon my little boat

or like paper bears were out to get me.

so i thought about foxglove groves

and paper bears sleeping in the flowers.

and i felt just a little bit better. a LITTLE.

my t-shirt is ancient from abercrombie.
it says "guilty" on it in copper beads.
i also cut the daylights out of it.
the fur collar is from a vintage
coat i think.. i found it at a
charity shop and put a
pink ribbon on.


Anonymous said...

oh, your clothes are just so perfect. i wish you could come and makeover my wardrobe. all of your outfits remind me of fairies ♥

Hendrix said...

I love how you do your socks up with ribbons. :)

malin said...

I love your skirt - I always love the skirts you make! They are beautiful!

Fur is such a double sided thing - as a lover of vintage clothing, I think old fur is so pretty, but as a vegan and animal lover, I think fur is despicable. It´s hard, so far the animal lover has won, but I have been fondling some beautiful old fur wraps and collars...

Marmelindela said...

Such a pretty skirt, I almost can't believe you've made it yourself. I love the whole outfit, and those socks with the ribbons are just too cute!

Isabelle said...

OH my !
I am in love with that skirt you made it's so wonderful !! :)

From Isabelle xx

hello birdy said...

Malin - glad to here from another vegan on fur! Do you wear leather?

Anonymous said...

lovely lovely post! xx

a mouse said...

thanks everyone :)
i buy fur if its vintage
i dont buy new fur.
i buy vintage
because the poor little
animal gave their life
and i dont want it to be
all for nothing. or a waste.
i still connect with the spirit
of the animal and thank them
whenever i wear the fur.
i know that sounds weird
but i actually thank my fur!
i did it before the photo shoot!
yes. im weird :)

sara said...

oh how lovely!it looks as if you have just stepped out of narnia :)

lovely bones said...

ooo i've been looking for a skirt like that for ages! i wish i was as good at making clothes as you, i'm pretty hopeless! x

Lilbirdy said...
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Lilbirdy said...

Chin up snowflake. Many faerie wishes are headed your way.

*sending all sorts of glowing sparkly thoughts your way.*

Can you see them yet? They are singing and lilac scented! :-)


(I deleted my comment previously because I need to learn to spell, or type, or spype, or stell...)

willawisp said...

Gorgeous skirt - I wish I knew how to do this! You have a lovely way of expressing things. I hope the seas are a bit calmer now...

a mouse said...

oh i lOVE lilacs. they are my all time favourite
because they always bloom on my birthday!
thank you girls so much for the kind
words.. i am trying to feel better
today.. i may go out to the
garden for a spell.

ryan manning said...


maxine alice said...

i always love the things you post!
my accent is geordie, i really don't like it hehe! xxx

Eliza said...

your skirt is amazinggg! :D oh my, you inspire me so much. ♥

Ruhvana and Flanelli said...

That skirt is so beautiful. I've been looking for a nice skirt like that.


a mouse said...

ah!!! i love geordie accents! i love the way
they say "up" and "day" vowels its super cute
you must know that!

a. said...

that's so dreamy and beautiful. i love your fairytalish style.

PinkBow said...

beautiful... whimsical... hope you're feeling better now xoxo

a mouse said...

thanks i am!
my football team
beat liverpool today
so i am all sorted.
heh heh heh :)

ArwenIvy said...

Oh so pretty! I love the imagery you choose!

Meaghan Kelly said...

i really love that you tied that with a ribbon! you look wonderful! and i hope you are feeling even better today! xo

Audrey said...

I love this whole look! It's really very creative. It's definitely inspired me to try out some DIY stuff, which I've been putting off for ages.

Little Miss Norway said...

Hey sweetie!

This skirt is fabulous! Now I know why you said you haven't been knitting!

Love it!

Have a fab weekend my dear!


// E R I N said...


harps said...

love the skirt. you look like a beautiful antique doll found in the attic

lilly kid said...

wow you r so pretty and talented:)