Friday, 24 June 2011

crumpets & dryads & along the way

we went to the faery fest in cornwall this weekend ♥
there we met some lovely wandering fae between the raindrops.

dear amy & swan princess natalee from tales from the dryad forest
floating through the field of sheep to search for the folly ♥

we danced wild into the night under the magic trees ♥ women twirled fiery hoolas with serene faces & boys played fiddles, flutes & drums

i learned that the universe inside you is not dark like the night sky
but swirls with a billion starburst rainbows of color and shine ♥

we found scadfulls of books and ancient messages. then yesterday i
started reading: charles g. leland "the gypsies" you can read it *here*

amethyst crystals and lepidolite eggs ♥ all praises to purple lepidolite my new lavender lithium bearing faery godmother. where'd you been?

we searched and searched for the folly but we never found it..
we did however find some dinosaur bones... maybe thats the
point of searching... to find things along the way ♥

all of these photos were taken by the loveliest butteriest crumpet
juliet of dear sweetlings here she is sticking her head in a hole and finding another dimension. thanks for sharing the trip crumpet!! ♥

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

water cauldron & crystal cave

lately i ring little bells when i want to clear the air...
or sweep giantly with open fanned fingers like feathers ♥

i fill cauldrons with water and become a fish swimming inside.
or pull at time like a string until it bends back upon itself.

then late at night i sneak out into the deep garden,
silk tassels & moths flit this way and that when i pass.
there i am listening to stones & wood & wind &
filling shells with rainwater before sneaking
back up to bed.

♥ i watch the rain seep through my castle roof ♥