Thursday, 20 August 2009

kaspar twig PART 2

ok. so i showed the pictures of kaspar to simon
and got a long period of silence.

"dont you like him?" i asked.
"no." he said. "and what kind of a
baby has antlers, a russian bear hat,
and one black sock?"

"this one" i said. "and hes our SON!"

"how did you find him? he asked.
did you google 'dead baby with antlers,
large russian bear hat wearing one black sock?'
did you call up lots of shops and say
"yeesss.. um.. im looking for a baby..
it should be wearing a black russian
bear hat. i'd also like it to have
antlers.. and if possible.. one black
sock... whats that? no... just one."

"no. i found him on the internet.
will you help me name him?"

"no" he said. "i dont want to
encourage a collection of these things"

i guarantee he will wake up with
our son kaspar heronius twig
smack dab on his chest.

*deardodo* hes only teasing,
he loves it! :)


littlebyrd said...

Ok- I am laughing so hard at this conversation!

KnitXcorE said...


Josephine Tale Peddler said...

I love him. So pagan looking. I actually love your entire Blog. Just beautiful. So pleased to have found you. xx

Sara said...

haha love it!
Thank you for your amazingly sweet comment, seriously..

a mouse said...

thanks! hope it makes sense the
way i wrote it up! i was actually
crying with laughter yesterday!

Emma Adeline said...

I love him.
The first thing I though when I saw him was "It would be amazing to make a music video with music like Fever Ray.. and have him/the doll as the main focus. loved it"

Karen said...

Aww.. He's adorable! I love his antlers. I love all antlers? :)
I'm sure you will look after him wonderfully x

magnoliaamber said...

Oh indeed he looks a bit scary. But once you said that, you would feel guilty because she also looks so innocent!! What a creative post you have been sharing with us:)

Aline la Bergère said...

I always enjoy tuning in to your world...hee hee...I think men enjoy seeing us cluck around our babies like a mum hen. Enjoy Kaspar! A.xx

Stacy said...

Oh, that is too funny and too cute !! *BIG smile* :)

a mouse said...

yay im glad everyone is getting the humour
in it! :) xoxo

nath said...

well, hello. finding you is like stumbling into a magical candlelit tea party in the woods, like a secret special gathering! i've been reading all your posts and then got to this one, and laughed right out loud! splendid!