Monday, 31 May 2010

earth thoughts

deep in the ground the earth is thinking.

when it does, crystals form.

i have been collecting earth thoughts for some time.
i got this new one yesterday ♥

Monday, 24 May 2010

poor violas come back & the concert

the sun has been striking at my violas and they are so sad.
i had to put a parasol up for them and give them lots to drink.
its because my neighbors cut down their beautiful birch trees.
i cried and cried. just the sound of them being chopped to bits
just hurt me so much... now we have lost our shade... and more
tree ghosts have been made.... *weep*

last night was the chemical brothers concert.. i got a chance to
see them really quickly before the show and wish them luck.
i was totally shocked when my voice (on track) opened up the show!
i had no idea! the record is really light and vibrant and promises
hours of positivity... im really happy that i could be a part of it.

i thought simon pegg was sitting in front of us, turns out
it was "just some guy" OK TWITTER. for all of you that
subscribed and then just as quickly unsubscribed,
im sorry dearlings! yes i have a dark and sometimes
disturbing sense of humor. i like baby-eating jokes.
i always have. i always will. unless of course
someone eats my baby. then i might change.
i think twitter is just the place for me to
let it all out and yes, i laugh at my own jokes ♥

Friday, 21 May 2010

hamsters, bears & mating doritos

ah. ok. i started twittering. i found all these tweets
in the attic and really needed a place to stuff them.
plus i just found out for super sure that the
chemical brothers used my vocals on three
tracks on their new album! im chuffed &
dancing around. then i saw 8 swans.
really! a mom and dad and 6 babies.
its been a busy day.. do you want
to follow me on twitter where
ive been talking about
bears and hamsters
and mating doritos?
*my tweets*

ps. is there an "e" in doritos?
pps. yes i know theres no e.

ppps. before you come over to twitter
you should know that i have been talking
about eating hamsters, not petting them.
i like pretty things but im also a massive
shit talker. if you dont like that sort of
thing, just stay over here where ill still
talk to you about magic and faeries.
i promise! ♥

Saturday, 15 May 2010

kempton, lilacs & kew gardens

oh gnome. yes. i did. heres the garden like i promised!

i have been watering the moss as much as the flowers.

these tapestries are 100 years old... i found them at kempton last week and stuffed them up into pillows. cause thats what girls do, they make pillows.

dusty old fairy tales from kempton again... the man who sold them to me looked like he didnt really want or believe in tales like this... so he sold them to me for a pound each. ka KA bitch!

sometimes i put creepy little doll heads inside glass. i really like it when everyone gets creeped out... i dont know why. i like it when their faces get scrunched up. its BAD they say.... noooo....i think its gooood.

i am starting to seem like i am living on a farm. it sort of catches... once you find a little cow you like.. (even when you didnt know that you liked cows) ... suddenly...

this is happening. and you have a little pig with pink hooves on the floor. but honestly. how could you not have this little pig on your floor? he is hilarious and tells the best knock knock jokes.

cause i need a place for all my sand.

little white violets that i planted last week... looking good little violas. KISS.

oh this little girl was so cute.. she was running around kew gardens and her cheeks were so puffy i wanted to bite them. i think her mom got upset because i was taking so many pictures of her. hehehehe im not a baby eater. not really.

these swans just had 2 little fuzzy babies and they were making a nest for them. AW. see them? they are sort of sticking out from under the mom swans featherbutt.

so we went to kew gardens so i could steal lilacs on my birthday. its my holy tradition. we got gobs.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

we're ok!

thank you for all of your well wishes hearts & prayers
kitties are back to fluffing and purring as you can see.
more special food... more special care... and
nearly back to normal. ruby had to wear
the cone for a few days .. but she is up
to full strength mew-ness now.

i have been in the garden. i fell straight into it.
normally i just watch it grow... but this week i
put my hands right inside of the ground.
and then i found everything. everything.
i will take some pictures soon..
lilacs, jasmine, strawberries,
roses, azaleas & ferny bits
heather & moss & forget me nots..
all stretching roots and sighing.
plus the wee little frog pond is kicking!