Sunday, 23 January 2011

free rapunzel!

i started a campaign to free rapunzel from her tower.

i braided wool.. plait by plait... up to her window.

but when i reached the top and peeked in,

she was asleep... and with a little white cat on her lap.

she looked so peaceful and content,

that i climbed back down and left her there.
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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

we are searching for starwhales

shhhhh they like whispering ♥ and soft purring. but you must wait.

they will attend to each petal. but only one at a time. that is best.

too many and it all gets in a rush... we must protect our hearts from being too busy... that makes them rush... then they dont work as well. they need time to breathe in the cold air that comes off of the snow.

today i am taking time to do things slowly. like watch for starwhales.

from now we will only do these things one stitch at a time ♥