Wednesday, 21 March 2012

when i left england & hung the dreamcatchers

i left england. i took 4 suitcases full of books and faerie castles &
crossed the ocean with a wistful and free heart. when i landed my
wings were very tired... so i stopped moving and rested them for a
half cycle of moon-risings. tall pines held out their arms... white
wolves came out of the shadows and nuzzled my palms. i rested in
their fur while the moons sank and rose in the blue dusk and dawn.
then one day while in a dreamfast, a golden eagle came and spread
out his amber wings beside me. he cocked his head to spy me & i
climbed on his back. we flew up to a nest in the middle of the sky.
then i knew. it was time to take on the land. to cross the flatlands
until i reached the foothills of the southern rockies. the sky was salmon.
i was brave. ruby was with me. my books were in boxes. my hair was
straggly and so i wore a headband to keep it out of my eyes.
we travelled headstrong and fast for 3 days and 3 nights.
when i got to colorado the mountains sliced up out of the ground and
pointed towards the pink clouds. i saw hawks & crows & prairie dogs.
a bit of dust got in my eyes. i put a feather in my headband and stood
on some rocks. i hung up dreamcatchers on all 4 bedposts & thanked
the north, south, east & west. i am lighting candles in the morning now
and rising with the sun. i have met another starseed and our long days
are filled with new trees, tiny bells, soft sleeping and love. love. love.