Wednesday, 19 August 2009

little kaspar is the new boy in the forest

his little antlers will bloom in the spring

he is timid... and he can talk to animals.

i ordered him today from *deardodo*
i cant wait til he gets here!

here is some of her other work... isnt she brilliant?

oh little kaspar come home quick
we have dust mice to play with,
frogs to catch during the day &
ghosts to catch during the night.


Pandora said...

What are these? Photographs of needle felted dolls?

a mouse said...

hes a forest woodland porcelain doll
with needle felted arms and legs i think.
i got him from etsy today.. but he
has to fly over the ocean
so ive never held him yet.
i feel kind of like a mom though.

KnitXcorE said...

wow! those are magic.

Lilbirdy said...
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Lilbirdy said...

Oh, I do love this little love.
I think you would like this:
I think it looks like my daighter (sans hooves).
I found this lady on *Ravelry* under the name Matryoshka.
She has the most magical creations on her site.

willawisp said...

Lovely - he is so unusual and dream-like. Plus you have a great way with words. I'm glad you posted this, I've looked at this etsy site before and never seen these!

littlebyrd said...

So cool ~ i love the doll with the nest on her head.

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

i love him.
i can see that you've already fallen for him too. i love the way you talk about your inanimate objects like they're real. you have such a wonderful spirit.

Adela said...

those are all so cute! =)

Eliza said...

he is absolutely uncommon and wonderful. it feels like he hides a wonderful, but yet scary story :) great! and i loved what you wrote at the end. so beautiful. <3

a mouse said...

thanks everybody
im glad you love him too :)

@ lilbirdy wow! i love her stuff.. magical :)
thanks for posting the link!

Pandora said...

He is beautiful. I love dolls.