Monday, 21 May 2012

rolling in veiled mist

why do we minimize the now by looking backwards & forwards 
into the veiled mist?  those things are only distant ships in fog.
we are playing inside and outside of the realm of time now.
we can drop in at any point along the spiral starting now.
we can generate joy now. in the place we can shape
with our eyes right now. right now. right now. right now.
the grandmothers were leaning over earth and cooing 
before the alignment... we were wrapped in swaddling clothes.
little baby earthlings... innocent... and trying as hard as we can.  
holding onto new energy like a toddler with a new spoon.
we will get it! we will get it! just give us a chance.
a repeated process creates a groove. 
like a marble on a wooden track.
we are marbles rolling. rolling rolling.
on a marble rolling. rolling. rolling.

ps. this is my new fountain! it is a full meter tall! i love it so muuuch! today i filled it to the brim with fluorite and crystals and heart shaped rocks.. then i put in 5 drops bergamot, 3 drops rosewood, 2 drops black pepper. woodsy and alive... i sit by it all day long and think about mist and galaxies, clouds, orbits, needs, habits, speaking without words and lovespace.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

calling stars; tapestry & brass bells

the toll on the physical body is great when it grows disconnected from original source. our tiny fractals are in the wilderness when we come down here.  though we are powerful, we have to call home. we are free to use the galaxy spiral if we please! we are living telephones. every minute, broadcasting vibrations. beams of light stream from us and beacon like to like. movement energizes the synergy between body and spirit... and helps our full higher self activate inside us. we are practicing movement plus intention late into the night and filling up like a water gourds at a deep blue well. come join us under the moon!
ive been hanging tapestries and ringing brass bells in the morning. im keeping trees and plants and their sweet high vibrations all around me. we brought home a giant fountain and some tiny black fish in a round bowl. now we are still ponds in the center of a grove. we are crystals in the depths of a deep stone cave.  and now i know, that i am a thought. a wish of myself brought into being by a breath. a thousand moth wings beat in my heart, and i am a thought turned vibration, turned material. why does it take so long to remember these things? it doesnt matter sweet fairy, sweet elf. once we remember we can read the records in the amethysts. tone with angels and find reality in dreams. old friends are with us again like we were never apart. we are generators! we are free to dig deep into this earth and generate a galaxy of love. let's!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

we become suns

when pinecones are babies they are bright green. they glow with promises. they grow just to grow... they raise their faces up to the sun... they love the sun and the sun loves them. the sun is a guardian of this planet. and we are the living frequencies between the sun and the earth. when we turn our face to the sun, we are sun-charged, we are sun babies, we are sun spots, we glow & grow just to grow. we keep the sun happy. when we are happy with the sun it amplifies our frequency. when our frequency amplifies, the structure of our very matter will change. because all of our matter is only frequency. which wants to hum so wildly that we turn into pure light. and we become suns.
i found some lilacs today on my morning walk. i wore my bone mala beads and counted my footsteps.  every bird sang and every tree was swaying. every step stamped out the fire that fear can create. i became a mama lion protecting her cubs. nothing can stop us when we are mama lions. open up your mouth and roar because you are a mama lion. a brave and wild fearless raging sun and all the world is yours to love. 

Saturday, 21 April 2012

starsieve transmissions

ive been doing these daily song-thoughts. lo-fi starsieve transmissions. little tone thoughts with seeds inside...  each layer is sung individually and separately from the others...  then they are played all together... the result is random and sometimes filled with cosmic magic.  each seed has a love message with no words... they are free to download on my soundcloud page.  i will be adding new transmissions until i stop :) feel free to download them and use them to bliss out or ground and ascend.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


half of our body is illuminated, and half of our body is in dark shadow.
this is the natural balance of things. it cant be all light. not yet. so the
best we can do is be ok with the shadow... sometimes the shadow is
loneliness. sometimes it is sorrow. sometimes it is disagreement. & on
the worst days, it is a monster inside that we didnt know we could be.
oh! how we think we should be so much better than we are by now!?
and the tricky thing about shadow is... the more we think about it, the
more it gobbles up the light. and we swirl in fear & guilt & confusion.
yesterday my shadow was in the form of a heron.. it sat on the edge of
water & spied me. i had to face my heron but i didnt have the strength.
thats when i fell in a deep sleep on my pillows. my legs became a tree
trunk and my body was as heavy as an elephant. i stayed very still...
i wanted to ascend into pure love and light... but i was way too afraid.

thats when it happened. thats when i was moon-cooled... a light fairy
took me to the moon & i rested in the place where the shadow meets
the light. i stayed there for some time just waiting. then she began to
pour light blue sand over the top of me. it fell down in cold powdery
waves until i was covered in a cone of sea-blue sand. i stayed there
in my tipi where it was cool. dwelling in peace. in a cone of neutrality.
until i could move again... when i got up, the inside of me was steady
and my arms were light. i sat up on the edge of my nest and blinked.
i had found moon-cooled neutrality & it was a simple weapon to grasp.
i looked at the heron right in the eye and did not feel one single thing.

Monday, 9 April 2012

ever in need of ganesha

one of the most important things to meditate on is a question:
what is my purpose right now? what is the core of what i need
to be doing? it can be anything. and once that light has gone on.
you know where to put your eyes... you begin to visualize it...
it is you becoming. your work of power. it takes time and work..
knowing your exact purpose for *now* can help you with something:

once you know your purpose, you can finally understand why certain
blockages are in your life. they will always be in direct opposition
to what you are trying to achieve. now you know why they are there!
they are the mayan wind. the force to push against. you have defined
your goal and therefore can more easily recognize what the obstacles
are doing there! they are helping you by giving you trouble, something
to overcome or to work against. they have to be there to push against,
to overcome and to complete the inner most desires of our hearts.
sometimes we think, "oh maybe i didnt want that anyway." and give up.
♥ but god bless my blockages. cause im going to knock them down. ♥

Thursday, 5 April 2012

newness & the round moon

sometimes when we begin to understand things better, we get new
programs to use. but then instead of using them, we go back to our
old programs... the ones we know better. because they are easier.
here is to granting bravery to our new branches! let them find just
enough sunlight to grow leaves and bear fruit. but these things
take time ♥ there is nothing wrong with a good rest when learning.

i found quite a few new books to read! i have a new blanket with rings
of wise elephants on it now, and we sit together and dream under stars.
we breath the mountains deep into our hollow bellies and feel full. then
we drink in lunar energy when the moon is round and glow for 30 days.
we will glow in the dark until it is time to drink it all in again ♥

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

when i left england & hung the dreamcatchers

i left england. i took 4 suitcases full of books and faerie castles &
crossed the ocean with a wistful and free heart. when i landed my
wings were very tired... so i stopped moving and rested them for a
half cycle of moon-risings. tall pines held out their arms... white
wolves came out of the shadows and nuzzled my palms. i rested in
their fur while the moons sank and rose in the blue dusk and dawn.
then one day while in a dreamfast, a golden eagle came and spread
out his amber wings beside me. he cocked his head to spy me & i
climbed on his back. we flew up to a nest in the middle of the sky.
then i knew. it was time to take on the land. to cross the flatlands
until i reached the foothills of the southern rockies. the sky was salmon.
i was brave. ruby was with me. my books were in boxes. my hair was
straggly and so i wore a headband to keep it out of my eyes.
we travelled headstrong and fast for 3 days and 3 nights.
when i got to colorado the mountains sliced up out of the ground and
pointed towards the pink clouds. i saw hawks & crows & prairie dogs.
a bit of dust got in my eyes. i put a feather in my headband and stood
on some rocks. i hung up dreamcatchers on all 4 bedposts & thanked
the north, south, east & west. i am lighting candles in the morning now
and rising with the sun. i have met another starseed and our long days
are filled with new trees, tiny bells, soft sleeping and love. love. love.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

stardust love planet

it is dusk and we leave our planets to step out into the stardust.
we find secret chambers along the way, and hearts lined with love;
and love so deep and wide the world itself is minute in the shadow of it.

i hold my own hands and evaporate.. ready to swing on a swing
that will carry me over the ocean and take me to the other shore.

america. america. america. america. america. i am coming home ♥

Friday, 22 July 2011


today i was thinking about how we are all allowed to be
happy but how we rarely let ourselves be ♥

Friday, 24 June 2011

crumpets & dryads & along the way

we went to the faery fest in cornwall this weekend ♥
there we met some lovely wandering fae between the raindrops.

dear amy & swan princess natalee from tales from the dryad forest
floating through the field of sheep to search for the folly ♥

we danced wild into the night under the magic trees ♥ women twirled fiery hoolas with serene faces & boys played fiddles, flutes & drums

i learned that the universe inside you is not dark like the night sky
but swirls with a billion starburst rainbows of color and shine ♥

we found scadfulls of books and ancient messages. then yesterday i
started reading: charles g. leland "the gypsies" you can read it *here*

amethyst crystals and lepidolite eggs ♥ all praises to purple lepidolite my new lavender lithium bearing faery godmother. where'd you been?

we searched and searched for the folly but we never found it..
we did however find some dinosaur bones... maybe thats the
point of searching... to find things along the way ♥

all of these photos were taken by the loveliest butteriest crumpet
juliet of dear sweetlings here she is sticking her head in a hole and finding another dimension. thanks for sharing the trip crumpet!! ♥

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

water cauldron & crystal cave

lately i ring little bells when i want to clear the air...
or sweep giantly with open fanned fingers like feathers ♥

i fill cauldrons with water and become a fish swimming inside.
or pull at time like a string until it bends back upon itself.

then late at night i sneak out into the deep garden,
silk tassels & moths flit this way and that when i pass.
there i am listening to stones & wood & wind &
filling shells with rainwater before sneaking
back up to bed.

♥ i watch the rain seep through my castle roof ♥

Sunday, 29 May 2011

moon faery & teacup moss

ive been putting mossy earth in teacups & dreaming green and blue...
little winged creatures have been dancing for and around me ♥
they spell words in the air and hug me with see-through wings.

i know what they are saying... and i am holding my cups
with crystals in... waiting... waiting... waiting... ♥
i am working on true grace and each of the elements.
when the fire gets too big i put fish in my heart.
they swim and sway... they teach me to cry and remind me
to go with the flow... the stream will always carry me ♥

today we are going to go see "hannah" if it is still in the theatres.
i sang on the closing credits song with the chemical brothers
and im so excited to see it on the big screen! that is if it is still
possible. i may have missed it... thats because i have been in my
sky parlor... hiding in the garrets and subject to the muse ♥
ooooh here is the song if you would like to hear it. ♥

ps all pictures are from we ♥ it

Thursday, 31 March 2011

petals & mist

i listened to evi vine in the car today.
by the end of song one i had turned
into a fairy. mint green skin and
magnolias for hair, my right wing
trailed out the window as i drove.
by the end of song four i found
myself transported. my fingers
disappeared and up my arms
until i was only petals & mist.

yes i know that is not very
good when you are driving.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Thursday, 24 March 2011

grimm's cottage, catching butterflies & mr. fox

we are going to grimm's cottage to hear stories ♥

snow white rose red cinderella the glass coffin ♥

we listen all night and put logs on the fire ♥

we dream of the woods and girls in capes and snow ♥

then we smile and sigh and hold hands under the blankets ♥
grimm's cottage capelet and gauntlet set
to download the knitting pattern click *here* 5.50 USD

wheee yippee these are the mitts that were in yarn forward mag #35

they make catching butterflies really easy and friendly ♥

catching butterflies mitts
pattern available in yarn forward magazine issue 35 *virtual copy here*

then finally this little foxy stole my heart ♥

i didnt mind giving it to him in the end. he is kinda hot.
this is the other pattern that was featured in YF #35 ♥
mr. fox stole my heart
pattern available in yarn forward magazine issue 35 *virtual copy here*

im on my way to grimm's cottage now but if i dont make it there,
please ask the wolves. they will know where i am ♥

Friday, 4 March 2011

forget-me-not and ships & seaside

lets wander the wild gardens after tea ♥

we will run through the labyrinths and trees ♥

we will hunt snowdrops until the sun goes down,

and wait for the cricket chorus to begin ♥

we have ships to count,

and beehive secrets to keep.

wool to spin,

and ponies to name.

and then when we are finally at home,

we will dream in striped linen,

and hang wreaths of blue roses on our cottage door ♥

i have been busy ♥ writing lots of patterns.
and finally! the yarn forward magazine came out.
i am so pleased with the way the patterns look inside ♥

also the studio doors have been swinging and the mixing
of our first snowbird record is almost complete. ♥
im feeling better.. finally.. the way it sounds just now..

forget-me-not (blue ruffle crochet collar)
$5.50 USD download crochet pattern now

ships & seaside (stripey mohair cowl)
$5.50 USD download knitting pattern now

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