Sunday, 23 August 2009

we are going to narnia

so i took my recycled vintage fur collar (that was too long)

and sewed it all scrunched up so it looks more like a muffler.

plus scrunchy suede boots and a thrift store crochet dress.

now we are ready for the summer snow. right roo?

cant forget to take my favorite vivienne
westwood tee that is loved to bits.
to BITS. (sorry for posting twice
its rare if im not wearing it!)

bye :) ♥


a. said...

aww. i tOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY ig the way you are wearing fur. i hate real fur but you wear it that cute so i must love it at you. i'm also a fur lover, but the fake ones, soo. in near future i will post pictures like yours. yahh.
rainy sunday, dear.

a mouse said...

thanks :)
i always buy recycled because
i dont want the animal to have
died in vain and be thrown
away with the trash!

i will always wear them
and thank them and
love their ever living
spirits on the other side ^..^...

Anonymous said...

Yes and you can wear fur the way indians wear fur. You are then wrapped by animals' warm spirits love.

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

That is the only way to wear fur. I love the thrift store dress. Your clothes are fairytales. And the cat on the bed is beautiful. A snow Queen's whiskered friend. xx

a mouse said...


♥ miss.michelle said...!! I cannot believe I over looked that, you have no idea how much time I've spent trying to figure that out!! AND... I've seen that BIG BOX too and NEVER thought about that! I can't thank you enough :) SO.... thank you{again}!

The little hearts? I just click.copy and paste them :) Hope that helps.


a mouse said...

ah! i never knew that :)

juliette said...

you are so creative! love your style.

p.s. you can also make little hearts by typing "& h e a r t s ;" (without the space)
so it looks like this ♥!

A. said...

i love the dress, it's stunning.

E said...

your dress is so beautiful :)

Lara said...

ooooh, love your outfit! your style really reminds me of lula magazine which is my #1 favourite fashion mag ~ do you read it? i actually just made a lula post on my blog this morning. your kitty looks SO cute in that photo too. XO

malin said...

You are so pretty! And I love the way you dress, it´s pretty, but not too pretty when you mix it up with more "shabby" clothes. Just perfect!

I want to find Lula Magazine - I have to go hunting in my little Sweden...

Fastest and easiest way to make ♥: press alt+3 (on the number keyboard to the right). Press alt+ other numbers, or two numbers, and you can get more symbols... ♪♫♪

a mouse said...

thanks everybody :)
im trying to make hearts now
& h e a r t s ;
& hearts;

am i daft? ha ha ha
my alt is naughty and only gives me
¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº–≠ !!!!
where has the LOVE gone!?

a mouse said...

a mouse said...

heh heh

a mouse said...

ps. yes i love lula
i bought the first one
because kiki was on the cover
i just randomly saw it in the shop
and i felt like i had found gold!
soooo lovely :)

and pps.. thanks for all of the lovely
sweet things everyone said
it makes me very have cheer ♥
oh yea. im going to run that into the ground!

wildflowers said...

Simply beautiful ♥
I'm not a fan of real fur, but the items you have are just so dreamy.