Wednesday, 12 August 2009

she arrived with only minor injuries

hey, whats this?

i could use some helps, as you can sees i has gots a heads cone on.

its the dress form ive been waiting for!

ok... its going to need some edward scissorhands assembly.

i think we're gonna need some mores helps.
oh laaaaamby... where arrrrre youuuuuuu?

here i ams

um..... cant... really... sees... with... this... ons... but...

i likes it.

cant leave her naked..
her right boob got a
little dented in the shipping
now i can make proper stuffs
shes not adjustable.. but
thats ok im not really either.


maxine alice said...

i really want a mannequin xx

suzannah said...

cool i really want a mannequin. your cat it just so *cute* ♥

E said...

your cats are so beautiful :)

Hendrix said...

Oh no! You have a space cat. Did somebody get fixed? x_x

a mouse said...

thanks! they are so funny
whenever something new
comes into the house
they have to investigate!

a mouse said...

i know! no.. she has a urinary tract
infection and she licked her belly
too much.. she is SO upset with
that little darth vadar hat on
but still wants to cuddle all
the time! meaow!

a mouse said...

last night simon was trying to help
me push it down a little to make it
shorter... and he pulled one way
and i pulled the other and
no kidding.
i cracked the wooden base.
i fell on the bed and just lay there.
today im getting some wood glue.

PinkBow said...

i have a mannequin too - just for decoration! hope she fixes up!

Laura said...

Oh no!! I hope the glue worked. Did Lamby and Roo help you glue it? I hope sooo! They are such good models, looking so cute in your photos. Glad I got to meet them :)

Aline la Bergère said...

This is so cute! I love the way you give your minoes a voice. You are so in tuned to them and how they speak. I love your mannequin...wish I had a second one here at the shop. Hope your cat feels much better soon! Good luck sad when that happens.

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

i have the exact same jersey dress form and love it! also, i love that precious little cat and your lovely blog.


juliette said...

isn't it adorable how your little cats have to be involved in everything you do. my cat always lies right on top of all my study notes and on my laptop haha

Lara said...

how exciting about the form, definitely would love one of those. i can't wait to see some of your dreamy antique ruffled beauty displayed on it! the cats are too cute for words!

// E R I N said...

the cone!
i know they usually mean something bad so i shouldnt like it


i love the clear cone over the white white white cat

hope kitty is better now though...

frenchardnaxela said...

Hey, I can comment with my livejournal account, great! So i'll totally comment that one, = the catzzz speachez made me laugh :)