Monday, 21 May 2012

rolling in veiled mist

why do we minimize the now by looking backwards & forwards 
into the veiled mist?  those things are only distant ships in fog.
we are playing inside and outside of the realm of time now.
we can drop in at any point along the spiral starting now.
we can generate joy now. in the place we can shape
with our eyes right now. right now. right now. right now.
the grandmothers were leaning over earth and cooing 
before the alignment... we were wrapped in swaddling clothes.
little baby earthlings... innocent... and trying as hard as we can.  
holding onto new energy like a toddler with a new spoon.
we will get it! we will get it! just give us a chance.
a repeated process creates a groove. 
like a marble on a wooden track.
we are marbles rolling. rolling rolling.
on a marble rolling. rolling. rolling.

ps. this is my new fountain! it is a full meter tall! i love it so muuuch! today i filled it to the brim with fluorite and crystals and heart shaped rocks.. then i put in 5 drops bergamot, 3 drops rosewood, 2 drops black pepper. woodsy and alive... i sit by it all day long and think about mist and galaxies, clouds, orbits, needs, habits, speaking without words and lovespace.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

calling stars; tapestry & brass bells

the toll on the physical body is great when it grows disconnected from original source. our tiny fractals are in the wilderness when we come down here.  though we are powerful, we have to call home. we are free to use the galaxy spiral if we please! we are living telephones. every minute, broadcasting vibrations. beams of light stream from us and beacon like to like. movement energizes the synergy between body and spirit... and helps our full higher self activate inside us. we are practicing movement plus intention late into the night and filling up like a water gourds at a deep blue well. come join us under the moon!
ive been hanging tapestries and ringing brass bells in the morning. im keeping trees and plants and their sweet high vibrations all around me. we brought home a giant fountain and some tiny black fish in a round bowl. now we are still ponds in the center of a grove. we are crystals in the depths of a deep stone cave.  and now i know, that i am a thought. a wish of myself brought into being by a breath. a thousand moth wings beat in my heart, and i am a thought turned vibration, turned material. why does it take so long to remember these things? it doesnt matter sweet fairy, sweet elf. once we remember we can read the records in the amethysts. tone with angels and find reality in dreams. old friends are with us again like we were never apart. we are generators! we are free to dig deep into this earth and generate a galaxy of love. let's!