Saturday, 6 November 2010

meow mitts

i just published the pattern for my meow mitts ♥

they kinda make me wanna put up my dukes & meow.

i was inspired by the little kittens on vintage valentines day cards.

oh i made a little video... its a little creepy i think:

hi im a cat. im approximately age 3 i think? my favorite footballer
is gareth bale. i got a pretty nice face as you can see.
im a pretty happy animal. uuuuuh i dont have a face.
oh. we'll get you one. (make out scene)

knitting pattern in etsy. clicky clicky HERE ♥

Monday, 1 November 2010

tiny owl knits mania

a little fawn fell asleep on my poncho. now i have a fawn-cho.

fall has come and my needles have been so busy.

my ♥ cousin ♥ and i stay up into the wee hours of the morning.

we make stuff. she eats smores and i eat doritos.

this little cowl is made of cashmere though so its dorito-free. mostly.

i finally opened up an etsy store. :)

i plan to sell magic trinkets, but right now its full o knitting patterns.

and i finally caught all the gnomes that were scurrying about the place!


now you gotta SING for it.

*whew* that was a lot o stuff to say ♥

wanna go to etsy now? i do. clicky clicky ♥