Friday, 28 August 2009

parseltongue snowbirds

here is a ribbon garter i made with a buckle from my dear friend suki.

i had to make little belt buckle holes in the ribbon
and i wasnt sure how to do that without it fraying.
then my friend hannah taught me to use the tip
of a lit incense stick! she is a wing-maker.
this also works with tights. see? ♥


willawisp said...

That is a handy tip! Those shoes are really stunning too by the way...

a mouse said...

thanks :)
they are soooo high though
i can barely wear them :)
the base is all hand carved wood
i found them at an antique fair
im not sure the make!

Eliza said...

how lovely! i'm in awe with your skirt, dear stephanie *-*

by the way, there is an award for you on my latest blog post.

i hope you're having a great day ♥

E said...

i have given you an award :) you truly deserve it.

Chelsea said...

I used incense on wings a while ago, but had not thought about using it on regular tights *runs off to try*

sugar plum fairy said...

that ribbon garter is adorable!
the whole outfit is adorable!
thanks for sharing that. :)
happy weekend to you. XO

Isabelle said...

I love love love your skirt;

It's amazingly beautiful; I must search out such wonders like that for my own wardrobe ! :)

From Isabelle x

Anonymous said...

oh, i always adore your clothes so much, i especially love that skirt ♥

Anonymous said...

That's a great tip! Lovely skirt! x

Hendrix said...

Ahh, more sock ribbons! Love those.

Pandora said...

Incense! Thanks for passing a long valuable information.

a. said...

super cute skirt and cute holes.

a mouse said...

thanks! :)
i usually find old slips and then just
shorten them or take a few and sew
the layers together.. if they are plain
lots of times i dye them pale pink
or with tea!
xoxo ♥ xoxo

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

You dye the skirts with tea? Wow. Never in a trillion years would I have thought of such a thing. You should really be designing! xx

Ali said...

those shoes are gorgeous! and that garter is such a beautiful idea :) x

PinkBow said...

those shoes are quite amazing, a work of art in fact!

Zoƫ said...

looove the shoes!

Annie said...

hi there. Have you heard FIREFLIES - by OWL CITY. I don't know if its your kind of music but I think its a sweet song and I heard it a while after visiting your site maybe I inspired someone with my Blogger subscriptions! Therefore, so did you!