Monday, 24 August 2009

the princess & the goblin

today i sat on a big blanket in my garden
and read the *princess & the goblin*...
the mourning doves and frogs
were watching me..
i dont know why
because i wasnt
doing anything
very much.

here is a skirt i made out of a 50's corset.
i cut it in half and sewed elastic to the
top so the little straps hang down.

im trying to be proud of myself
no matter if i get everything
i want to do done or not.
i have so much i want
to do.. i feel like im
drowning in it.


juliette said...

stephanie, i wanted to say thank you for your comment, i'm so happy it is readable and has an effect on someone.
wolves are everywhere! they are such a beautiful animal, so powerful with their presence.

this skirt is beautiful! how do you do make such creative things?!
and i know exactly how you feel. i feel there is so much expectation placed upon me it's overwhelming. i want to do so much but there's too much to do.
do what makes you happy :) and if that means reading in the sun then i say do it, x

juliette said...

p.s. i'm currently listening to your music which i just found (and am so happy i did!!). it's so beautiful i'm crying ♥

Belle-Etoile said...

That skirt is lovely! (You're always making so pretty, wonderful things) I actually began reading the Princess and the Goblin myself just a bit ago. Haven't finished it yet, because I want to be able to read it when my family goes on vacation next week.

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

I cannot believe that you would even think of making a skirt from a corset. I often feel I am drowning in 'things to do and must do' as well. The frogs may well have been princes waiting to be kissed. xx

Sara said...

I would be so proud of myself if I were you!
this is a beautiful skirt..! I love the idea :)

Anonymous said...

Corset skirt, wowsers!! :P
I just ordered your debut album. I need the Dosen dose. :)
I am addicted to your blog also!

And I also feel this way, having to fill the "to do" list. I love putting a cross in front of an item = *done*.
I also love thinking 'oh no, this'll wait'.
kisses on the cheek.

heleen said...

I adore the shape of the skirt! I can't believe how inventive you are... wow.

Keep on being positive, you are magnificent whatever you do or don't.

C.Elizabeth and Natalia said...

Your blog is so beautiful! There's definitely a dream feel to it...

You make such pretty things! I wish I had yoiur creativity!


a mouse said...

thanks so much everybody!
im so happy juliette and frenchardnaxela
that you like my music :)

all of the hearts my self can
afford to all of you!!!

Anonymous said...

you make such beautiful creations! it makes me so lustul for prett clothes! i love the different fabrics in the skirt, so fairytale-esque!

E said...

everything seems to turn magical in your hands, that skirt is beautiful ♥

maxine alice said...

just a thought, what do you do with all the things you make? they're wonderful! :) xxxxx

Eliza said...

oh that skirt is so beautiful, so beautiful! i'm in awe with your talent, i wish i could have your wardrobe for a day at least :) coming to your blog is like entering a fairy tales book, like stepping in a world full of mystery and wonders. thank you so much for your comment! :) your music is wondrous as well. i have no words, really :) <3

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

you should be proud of this one, it's brilliant!

sugar plum fairy said...

first of all..

=^..^= always be proud of U!!

i'll have to go find a copy of that book, i love listening to morning creatures too. love the skirt ~ such pretty pretty salmon colour! XO

Cookie-Fee said...
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a. said...

wow, your skirt looks so dreamy.
i always like your style and blog.
would you like to exchange links?
would be grreat.
have a nice day, dear.

wildflowers said...

What a beautiful post. I adore that skirt so much :)

PinkBow said...


harps said...

Be proud of yourself sweetie. I hardly 'know' you, but everything you touch turns into something beautiful. I love the corset --> skirt idea. It turned out wonderfully!

a mouse said...

thanks for all of the encouragement :)
maxine alice .. my creations just
sort of gather dust waiting to
be worn!!!
i think perhaps at
one point ill have
an etsy ♥