Saturday, 27 June 2009

ill see your hermit and raise you 2 hermits

little roo doesnt know that yesterday
i could have met neil young backstage
at glastonbury with fleet foxes...but
instead i was playing video games.
and i think even if she did know,
she wouldnt judge me one bit.

she also doesnt know that i
have another chance to do
it tonight at hyde park..
but im firing up the PS3
and shooting zombies
instead. little roo
doesnt mind that
im sometimes a
crazy hermit.
she likes me
i think.

ps it gets worse:
once i got invited to bjorks
vip after tour-party... and
i went back to my hotel
room instead. should i
be on medication? :D


Anonymous said...

hehe aww she's so *cute*

Anonymous said...

Cute kitty : )

a mouse said...

thanks :)
she thought she was invisible
this was the "busted" picture
ha ha ha

Aline la Bergère said...

Ya but crazy hermits are in style A.xx

Lilbirdy said...

It's hard to prioritize events
like meeting Neil Young
when there are so many
zombies to shoot.

What to do, what to do.

I have kids and crafts so my
video game days are on
the back burner.
I do miss being an elf,
riding a dragon,
wearing leather,
and killing orcs,
of course.

Neil gotta!
He's an icon...
maybe I say that because

chelsea jade said...

lay the joystick (video games=enigma) down real slow, stretch out your limbs,


in doing this, you can potentially lure him back to your playing station and kill zombies alongside him.

mainly because i bet he's super disappointed he won't get to meet you (and your beautiful cat friend)

a mouse said...

you guys.. zombies are a SERIOUS problem!
if i dont kill them who will?

Anonymous said...

What a cute kitty!! The eyes are amazing... I think your cat can see into people's souls! ^_^!

claire montgomerie said...

oh no! neil young?! you gotta let go of the zombies sometimes...even if it's just to say hi to neil young...neil young!!!
please tell me that you didn't also have the chance to say hi to crosby stills and nash...or the specials?! i would have to faint.