Sunday, 14 June 2009

babybel is all one word

roo loves sundays.
she knows she will
fetch babybel wrappers
and we wont do very
much of anything else.

i found these funny dance shoes thrifting...
they are a little big.. but love the pink elastic strap.
i think ill wear them all the lots..
too big just means more room for socks!
and i love these socks cause they were
only 1 pound 50 at primark!
i cant tell you how many
pairs i bought though...
because then i would
be embarrassed.
answer: over 5


PinkBow said...

magical! i love the socks... think i may have to purchase some. thanks for your sweet comment :)

chelsea jade said...

what a sweet little friend you have there. i'm so glad you left a comment because it lead me to all of your wonderful little worlds!

i went to your music site too. i adore it!

would you like a free one-week ep? i did it for a performance art project. i've sent one batch but i'm going to do another in about a week or so. if you'd like one email me your postal address:

claire montgomerie said...

love your cake 't' too! I don't feel as sad and materialistic loving my new clothes when I have made them...
really like your dancing shoes, remind me of my gold sparkly Repettos - I love their dancing shoes, do you know them?
also, just noticed your (obviously) fab taste in music on your profile. have you seen the psapp video 'on site' by model robot before?
model robot is mr montyknits. :)

a mouse said...

**thanks hearts everyone!**
i would lOOve your cd chelsea..
& claire your mr is a good director! :)

KnitXcorE said...

babybels are nomnom. i <3 the new layout :-)

a mouse said...

thanks poppet!
ive been playing ;)
i live on babybels, peanut butter
and coffee.. to me there is
nothing else to eat!

That Hooligan Girl said...

You can't pass up a deal! <3 the socks

Anonymous said...

Those socks are truely adorable! I love love love those type of socks =]. And 5 is almost not enough! Hehe.

- Charlotte.

claire montgomerie said...

ta! i had second thoughts about showing you as i thought the cats might upset you or you kittens...! :)
the cats came from Galia's drawings so blame her for their violence! x

a mouse said...

ha ha ha no worries!
lambert my boy cat is all mayhem and violence
anyway... in fact that was probably taken straight
from one of his dreams... if he could wield a machete he would! :D

a mouse said...

there was an unholy and unforgivable margin over 5

Wendy said...

thank you for your lovely comment which eventually led me to your blog.. I felt so relaxed reading your has a kind of soothing-ness which is unexplainable :) I also saw all your knitwork & they're all great! wish I can knit too..