Thursday, 25 June 2009

bunnies should be on stuff

*my first embroidery.. "a bunny is a friend"... true.*

*horses, ballerinas, & and fairy crowns in bottles...*

*a patient little fawn*

*i really must paint this wall. its horrid*

i think its important to have bunnies on top of stuff.
you never know when you will need to take one down and use it.
plus it gives cats things to ponder.

thanks everyone for your pick-me-up flowers
all sent because of my last whingy post!
i really really do do do feel much better!


Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures as usual i love the photo frames and the *sweet* little fawn :) and i was wondering how do you get all your pictures to look like that, they have a purpley hue if you know what i mean like on your header?


anji-jane said...

Its whats on the wall that counts... I love the white horse and where did you get a fairy crown in a bottle? ooooooo all the frames so pretty too. I am inspired. x

a mouse said...
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a mouse said...

i found the fairy crown in the mountains
(its a bit of moss really)...

for my pictures..
i just lessen the contrast and up the brightness
and then add a hue of either blue or pink..
sometimes i lessen the saturation to
get rid of some of the yellow!
hope that helps :)

a mouse said...

ps. i messed up that other post
cause i accidentally said
up the contrast.. but you dont want
to do that or it would be all yucky.

Anonymous said...

oh my, that is so beautiful. i love all of your things.

Karen said...

Such an enchanted collection and I love the bunny and the tiny ballerina. I remember my sister had one very similar on a birthday cake many years ago.

Anonymous said...

well thanks so much for telling me <3 because i love the vintagey feel to your photos :)

Victoria said...

That wall is amazing & I'm so jealous. I want all that stuff in my house..
lovely blog!xxx

Joanna Goddard said...

beautiful! your house is gorgeous! :)

a mouse said...

*thanks lovelies* :)
i have to admit to
inexorably trolling
my local charities

LaĆ­s Da Silveira said...

Hey, you! I saw a comment of you at my blog ^^

I'll add you here...Great wall!^^


a mouse said...

*thanks!* :)

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful collection of things and they are all displayed in such a lovely and interesting way. You can never have too many bunnies, they are such an important part of life! Hehe! ^_^!