Saturday, 13 June 2009

let them eat cake

i bought a ton of t-shirts at primark
and im going to embroider things on
them like.. carrot. or doll heart..
or me.. here is one i just did
called "cake".


Aline la Bergère said...

You have updated your blog! It's pretty! Your embroidery idea is great. A.xx

a mouse said...

thanks :)
ive been going mental with the embroidery now..
everything is getting bunnies and hearts on it.
good job im not so thorough so if i change my
mind it will probably fall out anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

love the are so dreamy and away.....I am folowing, I remember now how it used to be :)

a mouse said...

thanks :)
being away with the faeries is free

Sprinkle said...

I adore your blog so so so so much! How do you get your photos to look like this--so dreamy? is there a setting or something i can try? amazing.
you are living in a fabulous dream world, & i respect you for it so much! thanks for your comment.
xoxo sprinkle

Anonymous said...

What a sweet idea! The shirt looks beautiful and hangs lovely. I like cake =].

- Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

your blog is just lovely, im going to add it to my links on my blog right now :)

and that's a great idea for the tshirts <3

a mouse said...

aw thanks everybody :)