Tuesday, 16 June 2009

heart shaped ice

im quite obsessed with this dress..
its a bit rodarte-ish but more like
a little fairy imp ran through the
mud with it on.. ive been toying
with the idea of making free-
form dresses for some time..
in fact ive got a few on the
needles lonely right now.
but today all im making
is heart shaped ice cubes...
cause i got a tray to make them with yesterday.

i cant for the life of me stop watching this video.
and.... damn-IT. i bought the record off itunes today
before i realized that simon has it at the bella union office.
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i cant tell you how many times this happens.
im an IDIot... they are actually on the same label as me in the UK.
im the dumbest.


Betty11 said...

I love your blog, it's so lovely and beautiful :)

chelsea jade said...

that video is wonderful, huh!
i do enjoy exploding swimming pools and forest girls

a mouse said...

thanks :)
i want to have a pool.
and i want to have it explode.

KnitXcorE said...

that dress it amazing. it looks as tho it's been caught on thorns in all the best places.
i have an ice cube tray that makes diamonds. i'm always so sad when they melt.

a mouse said...

ps, real real diamonds?
:) hee hee hee

Amelia said...

That's so wild-looking! I love the movement of the dress.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dress. So dreamy and magical.

- Charlotte. =]

Belle-Etoile said...

I love this video. I only discovered Fever Ray recently, but I'm already in love. I don't even really like these kind of videos in general, but something was so primal, so right for the song, I can't even imagine it without the video now.

a mouse said...

*ive been listening to the record loads and loads
and i see the video in my mind for every song!
that makes it even better doesnt it!*

Ancarol said...

It`s amaze video of all with that perfect music and her body show : ) Just love it .

Anonymous said...

Holy cow!
So, that's the story... :

I saw that video on your blog last year and then forgot about it.
Then, last week or so, I ramble on Zosienka's blog. She's a friend of Natasha Khan (Bat For Lashes, oh, btw, do you like BFL????)(I'd love to see a collaboration between you two !!) and she's an illustrator also ! And she posted that same exact video!
Resulted in me being crazy of that song and some others from Fever Ray ("Concrete Walls" and "If I had a heart") I bought the album yesterday! Amazing !!
Thank you because this discovery is originally due to your blog
iiieeeeeiiiiieee !!! <3<3<3<3

Zosienka's blog :

PLus : there is this woman/artist I love Nebelhexe (www.nebelhexe.com) that used to make pagan music and now she said she's gonna ask Karin for a collaboration! it's like this whole little world makes a pretty web !!

I'm excited!