Saturday, 20 June 2009

snowbird, swans & chanel

today we had a snowbird show in the afternoon.
i was nervous.
simon booked tickets for the ballets russes
down the street directly after the show so
i could have something to focus on after.
all the while i was singing
i was thinking of the fact
that in one hour i would
be in sadlers wells...
tutus and tip toes.

the costume for the dying swan
was designed by karl lagerfeld
for CHANEL... it was breathtaking
there are some pictures in the
program of his sketch.. and
also a photo in the london
paper last week..ill scan
and post them soon!
this picture is
from when she
danced for him
at the fitting.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photograph. I was always more of a modern jazz and tap girl myself, but only because I didn't have the concentration for ballet. It is a beautiful dance.

- Charlotte. =].

PinkBow said...

wow! the tutu is amazing, i love this shot.

chelsea jade said...

that sounds like a wonderful day to me.
i desperately want to start ballet again now. or should i say, ballerina.

your blog is seriously becoming a home away from home. i could sift through your posts for hours.

until next time!


Anonymous said...

i love the picture, it's so dreamy <3

That Hooligan Girl said...

I love the tutu. I'm sure your show went fine. :)

Sara said...

I love the picture..
and, I can't imagine how nervous one might feel as they sing..

a mouse said...

*thanks lovely loveies*
kiss hug heart wing ballerina