Wednesday, 24 June 2009

vivienne westwood super super old t-shirt

this is my outfit i wore to our snowbird show last night.
even though i never ever read reviews because they can
make you VERY VERY sad... i ACCIDENtally read online
somewhere where someone made all these judgements
about my personality on stage.. then "didnt want to
comment" on my songs.. (meaning. they are BAD)
i know i shouldnt be so sensitive.. but i swear
that is the hardest thing to read something
crappy about yourself randomly online...
especially right before a show!...
i know it wasnt the worst thing
anyone could say.. but still it
made me feel sooo bad. and
unfortunately i was an un-
wound peg on stage...
GRR its like.. i dont
care what people
think.. but when
they say something bad
its just so hard to shake.
it ruffles up my feathers
into a right awful mess.
but fuck em right? right?
deeeeeeeep breath.

plus.. its so easy to
just only remember
the bad things that
people say.. why is that?

so.. anyway.. about my outfit! ha ha ha
isnt that the most important thing anyway!??? :D
this is simons old vivienne westwood t-shirt that he got
at her shop when he was a little punk teen following the
sex pistols around... its totally fucked isnt it?!
when i wash it i have to be so gentle or the
thing will just fall into bits.. i cant retire it
though.. its too fun to wear.

also.. i found these cute little gloves.
i think the lady that owned them
must have changed a tire with
them on so i had to cut off
the fingers! they were
only a pound yay!

i feel much better now.


vintageveggie said...

aw don't let the downers get to you!

your outfit is beautiful as always. :)

Anonymous said...

lovely outfit, where are the tights from? x

PinkBow said...

i love your angel wings :)

Lilbirdy said...

Chin up fluffy swan lady.

Some people just don't get you

and that is their loss.

People like that are inhibitors

and they ruin mankind! XX

Belle-Etoile said...

Aw, that's never nice to deal with. Even when I get constructive crit, it tends to hurt me a little inside. For what it's worth though, after hearing just a bit of your music, I'm really liking it. I fell in love with your little demo of "We Carry White Mice," so much that it's now playing on my blog's front page.

Faluche said...

Love your outfit !
You look like a little fairy
about to sing
a nice song
about butterflies in the sun

a mouse said...

*thank you ladybirds!*
i am feeling better indeed xoxox

ps my tights!
i got them at tk maxx in birmingham 2 years ago...
and if i could go back in time i would buy 50 more pairs!
ive never seen their like though ive been looking ever since... see? buy socks in BULK!

Karen said...

The clothes are beautiful... very fairie.. and your music is lovely!
Just thought I'd let you know ;) x

a mouse said...

*thank you summer sky!* xoxo

chelsea jade said...

you know what, i know EXACTLY what you're talking about.

it's really tough when you put yourself out there and people are so cynical.

a week ago teacups were featured in an entire page of the entertainment supplement of the national newspaper. it was HUGE for us and i was so proud (despite the fact that i had been slightly misquoted. hmph. anyway). then i found this big facebook discussion about how horrible the picture was (a picture which i had taken) and i was really hurt.

in the end you just have to think 'what are these people doing that gives them the authority to be so negative' answer: NOTHING.

you win! especially in such a great shirt.

(also, i have listened to your music and you sound so dreamy that i cant believe anyone could not slip under your spell!)

here is the article if you feel like taking a gander:

I DIDN'T SAY MAINSTREAM SCIENCE! i said maths and science. sheesh.

chelsea jade.

Anonymous said...

BLAH to that review I say, BLAH!! Maybe you should write a review of their review and then maybe they'll see what scumbags they really are! And yes, the outfit... marvalous! I love it... the scruffy shirt with the pretty lacey layers and gloves... great contrast!


Anonymous said...

aww right, well thanks for telling me anyway i've been trying to find white tights for ages now but nowhere sells them!

a mouse said...

to chelsea jade~ aw!!!!! i thought the picture was completely darling! and the interview sooooooo sweet and complimentary.. except where they messed up.. IDIOTS. you are such a sweet bird i cant wait
to buy your cd when it comes out! xoxoxoxo

a mouse said...

to charlotte~ thanks little train heart! xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

yeah i know its so annoying!
and if you're looking for some cream lace tights on my post under the one you just commented i have some and i got them from primark for about £1 x

That Hooligan Girl said...

Hey I agree with Charlotte. You should write your own review. I think it would be very funny. The way they went about reviewing I dont think they know much at all.

By the way your outfit is just darling and I do love your music. I close my eyes and I feel like I'm in a pretty enchanted forest. *sigh*

Much Love.

Anonymous said...

mean people are the meanest of all and should never ever be allowed to wear tutus and pretty they loose...nasty mean people...

Keep singing and rise above them....mean people will never win


KnitXcorE said...

i adore snowbird to bits.
maybe that person was having a bad night? or they just didn't "get" it. or they were a giant jerk.
either way, the snowbird songs are lovely.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little late on that one, but will tell my thoughts anyway.

The thing with music (or art in general) is:

1) The artist gives him/herself entirely (this is what art is about, exposing true feelings into another kind of form) and I know it feels like any critic is a violent attack against you.

2) Art is highly subjective. It's either you love it or dislike it.

3) Some poeple are just rude.

So..., I know it's hard not focusing on bad ideas (I always remember bad stuff better than good ones, which I try to fight ALL the time)
Just know that there are people out there who worship you and await for the new cd so badly!
You absolutely make me feel like a better person, and it's the first time an artist made me feel that way. Wanting to bathe into a bath of roses and see pink elephants running around :) (NO drugs, I swear to fearies!) You have a true soul and aura that spreads unicorn dust onto people!