Monday, 29 June 2009

crinoline daydreams

sometimes little birds have to take their ribbons
and go into the light... i will always miss them.


Anonymous said...

I am a little confused by this post but it does sound sad. =[?

Anonymous said...

sweet words and that painting is so pretty

Sara said...

there are tiny birds chirping and fluttering their wings as they drink water from that dripping outside my window.

a mouse said...

*thank you sweet flowers*
yes i am a little sad..
but it will be ok..

PinkBow said...

beautiful picture

Anonymous said...

this is beautiful, you may realise i've become obsessed with your blog now.. oh it's so dreamy, original, wonderful, etc... and i love this painting, who is it by ?
And the words are lovely... a little melancholy.. but still lovely. x

a mouse said...

ah yes i forgot to post it!
pierre belleuse ballerina with a black cat
xoxo xoxo xoxo