Friday, 26 June 2009

to twirl in the color of a lavender candy heart

today i was checking on our
frog pond and i found some
jasmine leaves dusting the
ground... with some spying
i found that our neighbor
has a jasmine bush and
it is trailing down the
back fence into our
garden! so! that
means i have a
jasmine tree
too! what a
nice thing!


Anonymous said...

aww i bet it looks so *pretty* and eep i wish i had a frog pond <3

a mouse said...

you can have some of my frogs! :D
there are WAY too many tad-
poles going on.. and im
worried when their
legs pop out we
will have a bit
of a problem!

shouldnt their legs have
popped out by now?

Belle-Etoile said...

Aw, I love jasmine. We have little lilac plant in my family's garden that came from my great-grandparents ranch... it still hasn't flowered though. I wonder how long that takes?

Also, you always have such beautiful photos here.I was wondering if you had a Flickr account?

a mouse said...

thanks! :) i do have a flickr account..
but i use it only for my knitting
projects so i can post them to
the knitting website ravlery
they only accept flickr photos!
which is a shame cause my
account is almost full!

That Hooligan Girl said...

jasmine is so pretty and smells great! I think I heard somewhere if you hang jasmine up its suppose to worn off bad things. Like above an entrance door. Or maybe it was rosemary? :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely thought that the Jasmine is sharing itself with you! It must have known how much you would have appreciated it =]. I love Jasmine, not to mention a million other flowers! Hehe! ^_^.