Sunday, 21 June 2009

hail mary & the pez dispenser

our performance yesterday
was in the cathedral again...
we were the first band on
so when i got on stage i
looked out at the crowd
really serious-like and said:
"the lord be with you"
and they all just froze in terror.

then i said wouldnt it be funny if this was a trick? like
you saw the fliers and came to the chapel for a concert,
but it was really a church service? .. and now you have to stay!
especially you in front..
youd be totally stuck.
they looked so relieved
and laughed so nervously
that i mentioned some
thing about them all
possibly ending up
in hell but they
thought that
was funny

look at lambys face
its so squished up
and funny i love it.


KnitXcorE said...


a mouse said...

thx :)
wasnt sure if
i would offend
everyone but
i just cant help
it sometimes
it just comes
flying out of
my mouth
the second
i hit the
tar har har

Charlotte. said...

Haha!! You sound like you'd be great on stage. What a great sense of humour =P! I would have laughed. =]. And that photo is lovely and dreamy. Pretttty!

- Charlotte. =].

Suzannah said...

haha :L

anji-jane said...

may the lord have mercy on your soul then... tee hee.