Sunday, 6 September 2009

belgian lace and the panserbjørne

ahoy! i am kind of out of bed. kind of!

i am wearing a belgian lace tablecloth as a scarf.

i just got it this week ♥ ebay ♥ its kind of ralph lauren.

today ive been playing with the panserbjørne in the golden compass
video game for playstation 3. its really fun. you get to ride on his
back and travel over the tundra. i love the sound the snow
makes when my panserbjørne crunches it under his paws.
sometimes he slides and causes avalanches on the wolves.

so thats my other secret: im a total video game JUNKIE.
if i can swim, fly or run through castles and snow
in a video game i will buy it and play it all day.
ive saved all of the princesses that
were ever locked up and id do it
again and again and again.


Bettycake said...

Wow that looks so gorgeous! :)

a mouse said...

*thanks* :) i dont think the
lady dreamt i would WEAR it
heh heh heh ♥ xo

PinkBow said...

i love what you've done with this!

sugar plum fairy said...

oh that is a sweet scarf.
that would look wonderful partly
tucked in a navy blue, velvet, riding-type jacket ♥

a mouse said...

ah! my thoughts exactly! :)

anji-jane said...

Oh I would never have thought of that... but oh what a wonderful scarf!
Gosh it is my dream to ride on a polar bears back. Sigh. x

a mouse said...

yes! and with a video game, you CAN!!!
ha ha ha ha im a nerd.

Anonymous said...

the scarf looks amazingly beautiful! x

a mouse said...

thanks :)
im afraid i will rip
it.. so i need to be careful
like when you are carrying a mouse.

malin said...

I just saw that move the other day, it´s wonderful. I also saw Stardust, and it´s even better!
That tablecloth looks beautiful as a scarf!
And oh, I´ve carried mice in my pocket. They were rescue missions - once I saved a mouse from two cats, and once I carried one from the food binge in a stable and to a field - it´s a much better place for it. Even though it might not get as fat...

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

I used to sleep with baby pet mice under my bed. One day I left them in the shed and the snow came and froze them. I cried so much that winter over the mice. I have never heard of video games like that! You never cease to delight with your polar bear riding and wearing of lace tablecloths. xx

grace said...

that scarf/tablecloth (tablescarf?) is GORGEOUS. GORGEOUS.
and i've played that game once. after i saw the movie with my cousins we went back to one of their houses and they had it, so we took turns. didn't get up to the polar bear level, which is sad, because i lovelovelove polar bears. if you ever want to read a lovely fantasy beauty-and-the-beast-esque book which involves riding on the back of an enchanted polar bear, i'd recommend North Child by Edith Pattou. it's one of my favorites.
but yes. i'm rambling. lovely post! would you mind if i put your blog on the 'travels' section of mine? c;
~ grace

Cookie-Fee said...

aw, i love the golden compass, well all the books :)
and i too could play games all day long :D have you ever tried grandia?? or the longest journey?? í highly recommand them ;)
oh and your scarf looks so fairylike and wonderful :)


harps said...

Oh, who knew tablecloths could look so good?!

Anonymous said...

OOOhhh, spooky video games!
My friend recommended to me "RULE OF ROSe" (story of lost orphans...)

And I love Alice McGee's :) (It's a version of Alice but goor-ier) :)

Also love the scarf, and lace, but lace always thinks it's better to get stuck in huge rings... or buttons :)

KnitXcorE said...

so pretty!

i love ralph lauren secretly :-)

a mouse said...

ooooh good video game recommendations fairies!
yay yay yay play play play xoxo

Little Miss Norway said...

Hey my dear!

I've loved catching up on your blog - you've posted some pretty pretty things of late and you look fabulous in them! :-)

I have another lacy scarf in the making like your table cloth one - you must have been inspirting me subconciously! LOL

BTW, did you get my email on Sunday?



a mouse said...

ah! hi lil miss ♥
yes i got your email
i am writing you back!
im just sometimes

LanguageTimothy said...

the lace scarf is beautiful, like something from the strawberry water junk company :) its an amazing vintage antique shop :D