Saturday, 12 September 2009

ruby and the pony

my little neighbor girls ruby and rosie
were having a garage sale today.
i always buy stuff from them.
i come home with sparkly
nail polish, plastic rings
and pink feather pens
about every weekend.

today they had a white pony
for sale. it cost one pound.
because im such a good
customer they threw
in a barbie for free.
ruby likes it.
kind of.


a mouse said...

ps. ruby thinks i named my cat after her
and i havent told her the truth ♥
shes six.

wildflowers said...

Aww, so cute and lovely :)

Pandora said...

That is nice of you to keep it a secret! I like the pony you bought!

poet said...

Teehee. My little sister and me used to have a sparkly white barbie pony. I once made a blue and silver sleigh from cardboard for it to pull... That's a cute picture with your cat and the pony :)


little me. said...

Aww, that is so cute. :)

a mouse said...

every time they have a sale
they sit outside and scream
and i just have to
go out and buy stuff
its so funny. sometimes
they charge me ridiculous
amounts of money so i
always keep loose change
at the house heh heh.

i think we are going to have a
fairy tea-party soon.. we were
discussing who has wings
and who needs wings
today.. ill make sure
i take loads of pics
they are sooooo
cute. and totally
into tutus. ha ha ha!

Hendrix said...

Bet they love your kitties!

a. said...

aww, that's so cute. i like stuff like you described it...
barbie horses are such a strange think (like barbies general) because they don't look real, like real and alive horses but they look kind of magical...

Anonymous said...

that is so adorable :)
i wish i was six again too.

Sara said...

I kind of got confused there for a second.. until I read your comment about 6 year old ruby and ruby the cat :D

Cookie-Fee said...

:D now i´m really sad that all my neighbours are grown-ups... i guess i have to get my girlfriends here and make a fairy-teaparty. my wings are longing to be put on once again :)


Eliza said...

oh, that is so lovely! :) and their names are so cute :) i really think it must be adorable to buy stuff from little girls.

much love Stephanie <3

Sher said...

What an adorable, sweet place this is! I'm so glad I took the time to visit, your pictures and posts are so dream-like and delicate:)

I definitely have to come back for more visits!


Anonymous said...

oh, that really is so adorable and that white horse looks so enchanting ♥

Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! said...

I had or still have a barbie horse like that. It had little bells in the inside, which rang when I moved the horse.

It does sound weird, but I loved it.



Karolina said...

Unfortunately we don't have such a thing as garage sale over here. I bet I could find magical things there! I used to have a pony like that when I was a kid :)


Anonymous said...

oh, dear! i absolutely love cats. and garage sales. sifting through them on a crisp morning is one of the best things about saturdays.♥

a mouse said...

i miss garage sales too!
they dont really have them in england
but for some reason the little
princesses next door play
"store" and sell their stuff!
ha ha ha

i call them my fairy princesses
and they call me the fairy queen.
they think im 16 which is funny
because im about the same age
as their mother! i know i should
feel like growing up more but. .. .. no.
im every age i feel. and when i
see them, im sort of.... well. about 6.

Anonymous said...

Oh!! I had that horse when I was a little girl... thanks for bringing me back to my childhoold :)

Love your blog!!

kimi said...

This picture is amazing. So cute!
thank you for making my day!

PinkBow said...

oh, how sweet they sound!

juliette said...

adorable! your kitty is like a dream ♥